Titans float fishing bait fish silver carp Yong | bulk fat gray head cage silver carp fishing rod sea monster explosion hook cast nest material

Titans float fishing bait fish silver carp Yong | bulk fat gray head cage silver carp fishing rod sea monster explosion hook cast nest material

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Bait category: carp, Yong bait
  • Bait Type: powder
  • Brand: Titans
  • Product Number: HJLYDER
  • Fishing places: rivers, streams, ponds, lakes and reservoirs other
  • Price tag: 58
  • Color Classification: fishing cage smell of garlic 2 kg / barrel fishing cage strawberry 2 kg / barrel explosive hooks dedicated 1.8 kg barrels barrels fishing cage dedicated 1.8 kg
  • Sports & Outdoors items: Fishing
  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • made in China
  • Price range: 50 yuan

Practice found better bait effect strawberry and garlic, both high and low temperature, the flavor is better than bait, fishy bait, bait smell, sour, etc. bait, fishing pole throwing silver carp Yong more prominent. So every time I would strawberry bait in the first place, its sour, sweet, sweet, silver carp Yong croutons great temptation!

This applies to throw bait fishing pole carp, Yong fish, bighead carp, bullhead (Pangtou), is a sour taste with a strong stimulation, stimulation silver carp Yong Flavor open barrel fermented ready to use bait money order for atomization bait time and change, especially on the basis of the applicable fishing cage, developed a hook explosion models, need to add corn flour, flour stick product to solve many complex open bait anglers worry, this product is no natural victims of food raw materials, to catch fish on the direct consumption.

Strawberry and garlic applies to monster fish cage, if used in an explosion hook sticky powder can be added to increase viscosity or other auxiliary bait.


▲ novice Before using, please consult the shop technicians provide technical support in order to avoid improper use of a bad experience.

Buy two barrels of first use is recommended once, in multiple tests to avoid pressure and other weather factors that cause changes in the situation of the fish, the fish have to recognize the characteristics of students, take several tries to play better results.

▲ Since the bait more adequate weight, overweight, we only made Cathay Express courier, need to send other courier can make up freight difference.


▲ cage monster fishing: The fishing bait placed inside the cage do not loose compaction holding bait, fishing hooks inserted in the cage which can be slit.

▲ Explosion Hook: The bait knead vigorously wrap spring explosion hook, the hook can be buried in the bait being (.Strawberries and garlic, if need be used in the explosion hook Add sticky powder or other ancillary bait increase stickiness)

Ring silver carp fishing Yong two factors Air temperature and Barometric pressure (Since no silver carp Yong hypoxia, so the temperature and pressure are particularly sensitive. These two do not understand the blind fishing is likely to lead Loss)

1: hi heat: Chub hi high temperature, it is the most suitable temperature is 22-32 degrees

2: Seasonal: Summer is the golden season of silver carp fishing, summer and autumn can also be Oh, (4 - October)

3: Pressure resistance: Silver carp are not afraid of hot, afraid of the weather, nausea, stuffy led to water of oxygen, the fish will not bite.

As people hot weather, there is no appetite to eat the same reason

Experiences: the words'Fairy difficult to catch fish at noon ', But according to our experience, silver carp fishing in Yong 'Summer Noon ' Since photosynthesis fully, if coupled with the wind, adequate dissolved oxygen, this time is a great time to catch silver carp. (This is very effective oh)

sometimes give up It is right for fishing is the same, Sometimes when fishing, the fish is fine, in case the venue and food are unchanged, the fish do not bite suddenly, the angler who went to the Metropolitan from many reasons, but often overlooked reason for changes in the weather, thunderstorm , obviously wet boring, sometimes people have not yet perceptible, and the fish have felt caught in this situation the best pars home.

Advocate: If you are eligible for fishing in the following 2 pounds, pro, release it, release appropriate, in order to better future.