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Titans flies floating silver carp bighead carp bait | big head fat head flower white silver carp fishing cage monster blasting hook throw sea pole nest material

Titans flies floating silver carp bighead carp bait | big head fat head flower white silver carp fishing cage monster blasting hook throw sea pole nest material
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Product parameters:

  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: yes
  • Bait classification: silver carp, bighead bait
  • Bait type: powder
  • Brand: Titans
  • Item: HJLYDER
  • Fishing places: rivers and lakes reservoir pond streams other
  • Tag price: 58
  • Color classification: fishing cage garlic flavor 2 kg / barrel fishing cage strawberry flavor 2 kg / barrel explosion hook dedicated 1.8 kg barrels fishing bag dedicated 1.8 kg barrels
  • Sports Outdoors: Fishing
  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • made in China
  • Price range: 50 yuan or less

In practice, it is found that strawberry flavor and garlic flavor bait effect is better, regardless of the temperature level, are better than the bait, fishy bait, smell of mutton bait, sour bait, etc., throw pole fishing silver carp is more prominent. Every time I will strawberry flavor bait in the first place, its acid, fragrant, sweet, garlic on the silver carp has a great temptation!

This bait is suitable for throwing pole fishing silver carp, fish, silver carp, big head fish (fat head fish), is a strong to stimulate the sour, to stimulate the silver carp flavor flavor of the fermentation of the bucket. And the bait time, especially in the fishing cage on the basis of the development of a explosive hook, do not need to add corn flour, sticky powder products. To solve a lot of fishing friends busy bait trouble, the product used in the natural Harm the food raw materials, fishing on the fish can be eaten directly.

Strawberry flavor and garlic flavor for the blame fishing cage, if used in the explosion hook can add sticky powder or other sticky auxiliary bait.

'note '

▲ Before using the novice please consult our technical staff to give technical support, so as to avoid improper use of the poor experience. Hand stick with enough sticky, can only be used to fight the nest.

The first use of a proposal to buy two barrels, divided into several tests to avoid the weather pressure and other factors caused by changes in the fish, the fish have recognized the characteristics of the need to try many times in order to play a better effect.

▲ due to the bait of the more foot, overweight, and we only send Huitong Express, you need to send other courier can make up the difference.

'Instructions '

▲ monsters fishing cage: the bait into the fishing cage inside do not compaction to keep the bait loose, hooks inserted in the gap between the fishing cage can be.

▲ explosion hook: the bait rubbing into a group wrapped around the explosion hook spring, the hook buried in the bait can be.Strawberries and garlic are used on explosive hooks Add sticky powder or other sticky auxiliary bait)

Two factors that catch silver carp Temperature with Air pressure (As the silver carp is not resistant to hypoxia, so the temperature and pressure are particularly sensitive. Do not understand these two blind fishing, is likely to lead to Lost

1: hi high temperature: Silver carp hi high temperature, it is the most suitable temperature is 22-32 degrees

2: Seasonal: Summer is the golden season of silver carp, early summer and late autumn can also Oh, (April - October)

3: Pneumatic: Silver carp is not afraid of heat, afraid of the weather stuffy, boring lead to water hypoxia, the fish will not bite the hook.

As the weather is hot, eat no appetite the same reason

Feelings: words'Immortals are difficult to fish ', But according to our experience, fishing silver carp in the 'Summer noon ' , Due to full photosynthesis, if coupled with the wind, dissolved oxygen in the water sufficient, this time is a good time to spend silver carp. (This is very effective Oh)

sometimes give up Is also right, for fishing is the same, Sometimes fishing, the fish on the situation is good, in the venue and the bait has no change in the case, the fish suddenly bite, and fishing generals from all directions to find the reasons, but often overlooked the reasons for the weather changes, thunderstorm before , There are obvious wet boring, and sometimes people have not yet perceived, and the fish has felt, and encountered the best situation to take home this home.

Advocate: If you are caught under 2 pounds, pro, let it release, properly release, is for a better future.