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Pen Pen Scan Pen Writing Pen USB Paint Marker MSE06 Scratch Pen Scanner Pen Win / Mac

Pen Pen Scan Pen Writing Pen USB Paint Marker MSE06 Scratch Pen Scanner Pen Win / Mac
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: Pro to buy more understanding of the next product, more consulting customer service, Handwritten text Unrecognized, Express single (dot matrix printer to print fonts) Can not Identification, Photocopies , invoice Can not Identification , program no law Identification , pinyin Can not Identification , Note Can not Identification , formula Can not Identification And so are not recognized.This section is a special scan to identify the text, can not scan the stored image, Pen without storage function, Please note that the purchase of pro . Multi-consultation products confirmed in the next single.

Scanning input avoids typing multilingual translation with high efficiency

New generation 'USB Sweep pen 'Continuation Sweep pen series Scan input /Multi - lingual translation and other functions, whether you are playing excerpts of the report information, books, manuscript collection, multi - language learning, free typing allows you to easily "readily scan, enter text, data collection, multilingual translation.USB Scanning pen 'can accurately identify the fan /Jane, English, Japanese, Korean and other languages, can not read Foreign languages ​​can also be quickly input, while the integration of translation tools, scanning the entire text, you can literally or sentence translation. Use 'USB Not only help you save a lot of text input time, while strengthening the language ability!

Computer input to avoid typing

Scan text input immediately, without typing, every minute you can enter up to 1000English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, etc., and can not be used in the following languages: Chinese, English, Key-in The foreign language can also be entered quickly. Straight cross-file easily enter, whether it is straight book or Hengshu article, can be any scan, rapid identification.

Business use of high efficiency

Support barcode and OCR-A , OCR-B , MICR And other bank font recognition, speed up the input speed and avoid manual processing errors caused by a substantial increase in efficiency and accuracy! Scan the text can be entered into Word , Excel , PowerPoint , Outlook And other programs and web pages, and immediately edit the application. USB Sweep pen provides "scan to send map" function, the key to the original image file to save.

Multi - language translation fast

Integrated online translation tools, scanning the entire text, you can word for word or sentence translation, whether language learning, cross-border business communication, can easily deal with. Scan the text to query words, and provide voice reading function, you learn a foreign language Support for external import of offline dictionary files (StarDict file format ), You need to import the dictionary file, without the need for the network, you can always query a variety of words.

Hardware specifications
  • Hardware size: 136 x 34 x 21mm
  • Weight: 47g
  • Connection Interface: USB 2.0
  • Scanning speed: 10 cm / sec
  • Scanned Character Size: 6 ~ 22 pt