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Children summer cotton silk pajamas boys and girls long-sleeved cotton silk thin air conditioning tracksuit girls boys summer suits

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Bai Tong duo
  • Material: viscose fibers (viscose rayon) 100%
  • Color: green blue horse sports Tigers Cat Fairy princess dress color butterfly bow dinosaur frog Ott Scarf Bear Star Baby Aircraft yellow star small Huaxian Huaxian powder pink bunny rabbit van simple cat
  • Product Number: JJ005
  • Reference Height: 55 yards (70-80cm) 60 Ma (75-83cm) 65 Ma (85-90cm) 70 Ma (90-100cm) 75 Ma (100-110cm) 80 Ma (110-120cm) 85 yards (120- 130cm) 90 Ma (130-140cm) 95 Ma (140-150cm)
  • Underwear texture: Other
  • For the season: Summer
  • Function: Warm Moisture wicking sweat antistatic antibacterial deodorant home
  • To apply a gender: Male
  • Underwear for ages: 1 years of age 11-13 years of age 1-3 years old 3-5 years old 5-7 years old 7-9 years old 9-11 years old

Quality cotton silk, comfortable two minus 6 yuan!!

Clothes for thePantyhose nine points and Sleeves ; Summer wear is appropriate;

Anti-mosquito, light breathable fabric suitable pro-Fu Shu.

Cotton silk fabric will shrink after washing , Taking into account the size has shrunk issues;

Therefore, according to the size of the proposed purchase, if not assured optional freshman code.

becauseClothes production Batch is different, even if the same code may also have a size difference, please kept informed purchase.