Edifier / Rambler | R86 Computer Multimedia 2.1 Subwoofer Small Speaker Active notebook sound

Edifier / Rambler | R86 Computer Multimedia 2.1 Subwoofer Small Speaker Active notebook sound

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Edifier / Edifier R86
  • Packing volume: 313 × 196 × 183mm
  • Channel: 2.1
  • Condition: New
  • Gross weight: 2.1KG
  • Box material: wood
  • color: black
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Brand: Edifier / Edifier
  • Edifier Model: R86

R86 Details

Edifier of the industrial design in the industry famous, with many years of deep technical accumulation, to create a large number of excellent products, and continue to lead the development trend of multimedia speaker market.Of course, Edifier's industrial design strength is not only reflected in the high-end products , Even the entry-level products, Edifier is also devoted a lot of energy, such as this new R86, although still belong to the classic R1 series, but there are new breakthroughs in shape, adhering to simple and practical design concept, The Edifier has always been fine workmanship, will lead to more consumers to buy enthusiasm.

Compared to previous sections of the R1 series of speakers, Edifier R86 in the inheritance before the fine workmanship and simple style at the same time, there are significant breakthroughs in design, the standard 2.1-channel cabinet, square box and the curve is clever Smart Satellite box with exquisite, side by side.

Acoustic performance, R86 dual-magnetic 4-inch black composite cone woofer, wood box to effectively eliminate bad resonance and box sound, but also for the release of bass provides a good carrier, bringing a more pure natural sound performance.

Moreover, R86 subwoofer also uses a pressurized design on the ground, the bass unit is set in the bottom of the box, low frequency boost is very obvious, free to get a uniform bass can be achieved.Moreover, with the previous subwoofer will be used Cabinet slightly different from the legs set up, R86 low-profile speaker base with hollow grid design, more stable, conducive to sound.

Many of the details of the R86 subwoofer, you can see the special, such as the top of the EDIFIER inkjet logo reflects its new identity, the ring before the design of inverted-hole, round the surrounding polished, a stronger sense of beauty.

R86 satellite box with bracket and box integrated design, modeling, small elevation design can also provide better near sound field to listen to the effect.Moreover, the satellite box does not use the conventional detachable gauze, but the application is quite Novel integrated vertical grid design, greatly enriched the speaker shape.

R86 satellite box tweeter with diameter 50mmx90mm oval-shaped cone speakers, treble transparent, full-round mids, sound quality performance, anti-magnetic design makes the display unrestricted.

Handling, in the R86 speaker placed on the integrated side of the adjustment panel, from top to bottom once set the main volume adjustment knob, audio signal input, audio signal output, power switch and power indicator, intuitive and convenient. , R86 with EasyLink wiring, AC97-compliant connection, the daily connections are more concise.

With the entry-level multimedia speaker price popularity and consumer psychology matures, the user in the purchase of speakers not only emphasizes the sound quality performance, the appearance of the speaker also made higher demands, R86 is the movers to keep up with the new consumer psychology Works, compared to the previous R1 series products, whether subwoofer or satellite box, modeling more personalized fashion, and sound effects are more prominent for the user to provide a good day-to-day audio and video entertainment.

  • Power amplifier output power:
  • Satellite channel: RMS 2W × 2 (THD + N = 10%, f 0 = 1kHz)
  • Bass channel: RMS 4.5W (THD + N = 10%, f 0 = 80Hz)
  • Power amplifier SNR: ≥ 85dBA
  • Distortion: ≤ 0.5%
  • Input Sensitivity: Satellite channel: 350 ± 50mV
  • Bass channel: 250 ± 50mV
  • Input interface: 3.5mm stereo headphone plug
  • Adjustment type: Master volume knob adjustment
  • Woofer: 4 inches (OD 106mm), 6Ω
  • In the treble unit: diameter 50 × 90mm, 4Ω
  • Input power: 100-240V ~ 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Subwoofer Box Dimensions: 153 (W) × 189 (H) × 157 (D) mm
  • Satellite speaker box size: 64 (W) × 137 (high H) × 84 (D) mm