Edifier/Rovers | R86 2.1 subwoofer speakers active notebook multimedia audio

Edifier/Rovers | R86 2.1 subwoofer speakers active notebook multimedia audio

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product name: Edifier/Rovers R86
  • Size: 313x196x183mm
  • Channel: 2.1
  • Condition: brand new
  • Gross weight: 2.1KG
  • Cabinet material: wood
  • Color category: black
  • After-sales service: the whole country
  • Brand: Edifier/Rovers
  • Rambler model: R86

R86 information

Ramblers industrial design is famous in the industry, by virtue of the profound technical accumulation over the years, create a large number of outstanding products, and continue to lead the trend of the development of the multimedia market. Certainly, walk who of industrial design strength not only reflected in high-end products Shang, even is started level products, walk who also also pour large energy, like this paragraph new of R86, although still belongs to classic of R1 series, but in styling Shang and has has new of breakthrough, adhering to simple practical of design concept, continued has walk who has always fine of work, will raised more consumers of purchase enthusiasm.

Compared with previous R1 series amp walks R86 in succession before the excellent workmanship and of minimalist style at the same time, and obviously a breakthrough design, standard 2.1-channel box, square speaker satellites with the curves smart box smart match, exist side by side.

Acoustic performance, R86 double magnetic 4-inch black composite Cone Woofer, wooden box effectively prevent undesirable resonance and sound box, and why bass release provides a good carrier, a more pure sound.

Moreover, R86 speakers also use the booster design, the woofer settings at the bottom of the box, bass boost is clear, uniform random access bass. And, unlike previous box bass box with small feet are slightly different, R86 low speaker base using cross grid design, more stable and conducive to sound.

R86 low speaker many of the details, you can see unusual, such as inkjet EDIFIER logo at the top reflects its new identity, phase design before the ring, rounded around the polished beauty more.

R86 satellite box with bracket and enclosure design, innovative design, small elevation design also provides a better effect of near field listening. Moreover, satellite box does not use the conventional removable cloth grilles, but quite why innovative integrated vertical grating lattice design, greatly enriching the speaker shape.

R86 box outer diameter 50mmx90mm oval cone tweeter speakers, high permeability, if rounded and full, quality performance, antimagnetic design makes the place without restrictions.

Handling, R86 bass box placed on the side control panel, integrated from top to bottom once a main volume knob, audio signal input, audio output, power switch and power indicator, intuitive and convenient. Moreover, R86 is EasyLink connection, AC97 compliant connections, daily line is more concise.

With started level multimedia speaker price big conditionally available of and consumption psychological gradually mature, user in purchase speaker Shi not only stressed sound performance, on speaker of appearance also proposed more high requirements, R86 is walk who moments follow consumers psychological of new works, phase more previously R1 products, regardless of is bass gun also is satellite box, styling more personality fashion, and sound effect also more highlight, why user daily audio entertainment provides has Shang better of selected.

  • Power amplifier output power:
  • Satellite box channel: RMS 2Wx2 (THD+N=10%, f 0=1kHz)
  • Subwoofer channel: RMS 4.5W (THD+N=10%, f 0=80Hz)
  • Power amplifier the signal to noise ratio: ≥ 85dBA
  • Distortion: ≤ 0.5%
  • Input sensitivity: satellite box channel: 350 ± 50mV
  • Subwoofer channel: 250 ± 50mV
  • Input interface: 3.5mm stereo phone plug
  • Form of regulation: the master volume knob adjustment
  • Bass unit: 4 inch (outside diameter 106mm), 6 ω
  • Tweeter: 50x90mm od, 4 ω
  • Input power: 100-240V~50Hz/60Hz
  • Speaker box size: 153 (w w) x189 (h h) x157 (d d) mm
  • Satellite speaker cabinet dimensions: 64 (w w) x137 (h h) x84 (d d) mm