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E80E E188 E200 E5M Adapter | E8M E6 E5M-A E188M Battery Charger

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Takstar / winning
  • Model: Charger
  • Item: Charger
  • Color Classification: E180M.E200.E188 E190M.E6.E5M-A.E188M E8M.E8R.E9M E126.E170M.E169 E5.E5M E160W.E160.E120

E180M, E200, E188, E180 four loudspeaker charger the same;

E190M, E6, E126, E5M-A, E188M four loudspeaker charger the same;

10.6V / 0.45A Applicable models: E8M E8R E280 E160 E160W E120

Therefore, the need for which the speaker charger must contact clear customer service!
Note: Please buy before you provide the loudspeaker models used, different amplifiers used in the charger model is not the same. (Batch different, may have a different appearance and shape)