Kai-BOR Q10 Plus Blu-ray player 4K HDR HD media player 10Bit NAS USB3.0

Kai-BOR Q10 Plus Blu-ray player 4K HDR HD media player 10Bit NAS USB3.0

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product name: Kai-BOR Q10 Plus
  • CPU core: quad core
  • Memory (ROM): 16GB
  • Brand: Kai-BOR
  • Kai-BOR hard disk player model: Q10 PLUS
  • Package types: packages official standard
  • Platform type: Hunan radio and television
  • Architecture type: A53
  • Chip brand: Realtek Realtek
  • Run a memory-RAM:2GB
  • Color category: black
  • Storage: built-in Flash Flash
  • Output resolution: 3840x2160
  • Player categories: hard disk player
  • Subtitles formats: ASS SRT SUB
  • Overall dimensions: 365mm*235mm*65mm
  • Weight: 3KG
  • Interface type: network interface WIFI HDMI optical USB SATA
  • Operating system: Android 6.0

Kai-BOR Q10 plus new products on sale, all orders shipped within 72 hours

1: Kai-BOR's flagship products are conditionally available group of order on local burning of Blu-ray high, other friends carefully lay their hands on.

2:3KG, body steady, and your finished home theaters any device can match, not off the face value.

3: support for 4K@60HZ output, support up to 200M stream video smooth playing.

4: support for Blu-ray and Blu-ray BDMV BDISO play other files are played alone.

5: support 4K HDR (high dynamic range image), 10bit dark, restore color, and realistic effects

6: support Quan Jingsheng multi-channel, 7.1 sound output for generations and decoding.

7: support automatic download subtitles, there are too many PT films only English subtitles without English subtitles, Q10PLUS, resolved.

8: support wall poster function, all movies in your hard disk in the form of posters (automatic download movie posters) and automatic classification, convenient to watch your favorite movies.

9: glow remote control, a remote control front panel display brightness, home theater has its own fancier you must love it.

10: supports various lossless audio format output, and listen to the beautiful sounds of the leisure time.

11: Android 6.0 system, supports the extension of APK, movie fever, video-game and entertainment one is enough.

If your home bandwidth Super-50M, contact customer service to send mystery gifts