Happy bites | DDZ-901 ceramic electric cooker-automatic water bird's nest soup stew BB baby porridge pots

Happy bites | DDZ-901 ceramic electric cooker-automatic water bird's nest soup stew BB baby porridge pots

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Name of product: Joy Ding DDZ-901
  • Brand: happy bites
  • Model: DDZ-901
  • Procurement: China
  • Color: wine red pink light blue
  • Control method: computer type
  • Material: ceramic
  • Features: package, cooking porridge soup stewed rice
  • Size: 1L (included) -2L (not included)
  • Power: 200W (included) -299W (included)
  • After-sales service: the whole country
  • Does have a reservation function:
  • Liquid crystal display:
  • Electric pot power (value): 200W
  • Pot capacity (value): 1.6L

Tilt Great benefits!

Gold sale : Protection: Damaged in the delivery process, we are shifting (sellers bear all postage), 3 layer protection, without worrying about the damage. .

Dual protection: 7 days, no reason to return!

Triple guarantee: 365 days only don't fix it!

Brand protection, quality and commitment!

Quality Happy bites Use High quality raw materials Pass National 3C quality certification So you buy peace of mind, ease to use.

Capacity : 1.6 l Capacity, a pot of three bile, suitable for 1-3 people And intimate design is not wasted.

Liner : Ceramics are produced in China Ceramic capital Chaozhou From high quality clay 1300 degree heat Firing from , High quality ceramic liner, repeated use of health assured.

Nutrition : Water simmer, taste, color clear, Original , Stewed bird's nest with Cordyceps soup stew stew, Lock Not the loss of nutrients.

Safe : Multiple safety protection system and No water shuts off Avoid dry burning Used without care, protecting you and your family safe.

Save money : Power 200W, soup in a 2 hour, CA 0.6 kilowatt hours And electricity 6 cents 1 calculation About It's $ 0.36 , Liquid gas simmer for 2 hours, then take about It's $ 1.7.

Function : Make an appointment , Timing , Insulation. (For example, appointment 3An hour is 3Machine automatically begins to work after hours, timing 3An hour's machine works 3Automatic heat preservation after hours, appointments and timing can be set simultaneously).

Price : Boss cried, losing momentum , As long as 99, Without a good meal