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Huasheng Chang infrared range finder high-precision hand-held laser electronic meter room meter electronic tape 40 meters 70 meters

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Huasheng Chang
  • Model: LDM-40
  • Item No .: LDM-40
  • 40 meters standard +5 + tape (water drops) Standard 40 meters standard + charge package (water droplets)
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works
  • How it works: Laser
  • Distance measuring distance: 40M

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product features

1, Area volume calculation function;

2, Using the Pythagorean theorem indirect measurement;

3, Addition and subtraction function;

4, Continuous measurement function;

5, Maximum and minimum distance tracking;

6, Lighting display and multi-line display;

7, Buzzer;

8, Accuracy ±1.5 mm;

9, The appearance of small ,Dual injection non-slip soft super-comfortable feel.

Product range:

The range finder can be widely used in the family /industry /Commercial decoration, horizontal and design and other fields. Specific can be used

Floor tiles laying; wall paint area estimation; furniture cabinet manufacturing measurement; site construction distance /area /Volume measurement; real estate intermediary measurement of apartment size and valuation offer.

Product Specifications:

Standard Package: laser range finder, manual, warranty card, two 1.5V AAA batteries, color box, lanyard, suitcase.

In the case of poor sunlight or target reflection, use the target plate to increase the measuring range.

'In favorable conditions (such as: reflective surface, room temperature) measurement accuracy of up to 10Meter (33Ft.) In unfavorable conditions (such as intense sunlight, poor target glare, or high temperature variations) 10Meters outside the measurement accuracy of about+0.15Mm / m (+ 0.0018 in / ft).

Measurement conditions

The maximum measuring distance is40Meter.

In the evening, when the dusk or target is in the shadows, the measured range will not be increased when the target plate is not used. In daylight or the target is not reflective

The surface of the object being measured

When the object is a colorless liquid (such as: water), clean glass, the surface has a very transparent characteristics of the object, may produce 鋥

When there is a very strong reflection, the laser may be reflected off, which can also lead to erroneous measurements.

When measuring a non-reflective or very dark surface, the measurement time is increased.


Do not immerse the meter in water. Wipe the dust with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use corrosive or volatile substances to clean the meter.

Standard package: the contents of the table package, such as the battery can be used to receive the goods