Everbest infrared rangefinder precision electronic handheld laser standard rooms and electronic instrument tape 40.7-meter meters

Everbest infrared rangefinder precision electronic handheld laser standard rooms and electronic instrument tape 40.7-meter meters

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: everbest
  • Model: LDM-40
  • Item no: LDM-40
  • Color category: 40 m standard (send drops) 40 m + standard charging set (sending drops) 40 m standard + 7th + tape measures (sending drops)
  • The decoration and construction: installation
  • Working principle: laser
  • Ranging from: 40M

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Product features

1, Area volume calculation function;

2Using Pythagorean theorem, indirect measurement;

3, Addition and subtraction functions;

4Continuous measurement function;

5, The maximum and minimum distance;

6, Lighting displays and multi-line display;

7, Buzz tips;

8Accuracy ±1.5mm;

9, Compact ,Double injection molded non-slip soft rubber ultra comfortable feel.

Product use:

The rangefinder can be widely applied to the family /Industrial /Commercial decoration, trim and design and other fields. Concrete can be used to

Laying floor tiles; Wall paint area; Furniture and Cabinet manufacturing measurement; Construction range /Area /Volume measurement; Real estate agent apartment size measurement and valuation of quotations.

Product specification:

Standard packaging: laser rangefinder, instruction manual, warranty card, two 1.5V AAA battery box, lanyard, carry case.

In a bad light or target reflective case, use either increasing the measuring range.

' Under favourable conditions (such as good reflective surfaces at room temperature) measurement accuracy of 10Here metres (33Feet). In adverse conditions (such as strong sunlight, reflective bad goals or high temperature) 10Meters measuring accuracy is about what+0.15Mm/m (+0.0018in /ft).

Measurement conditions

Maximum measurement distance in order to40Here metres.

In the evening, when dusk or target is in shadow, do not use either range also increased. In daylight or reflective bad goals carved

The surface of the object to be measured

When the analyte is a colorless liquid (such as water), clean glass, very transparent on the surface properties of objects, may produce Zeng

When there is a very strong reflection, the laser may be reflected off, which can lead to incorrect measurements.

Measurement reflecting or very dark surface, increases the measurement time.


Prohibited instruments dipped in water. With a soft, damp cloth to wipe the dust. Do not use corrosive and volatile substances to clean the instrument.

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