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LITEON / Lite-On | Rui-speed 128G M.2-2280 liter liter notebook NGFF120 solid-state hard drive

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: LITEON / Lite Hing 128G ...
  • Color classification: M.2 128g solid + WIN7 system U disk solid state + WIN10 system U disk
  • Hard disk capacity: 128GB
  • Interface type: ngff
  • Size: Other
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Brand: LITEON / Lite
  • Model: Rui speed 128G M.2
  • Condition: New

Factory read and write speed of about: 550/520 or so (more specific machine measured shall prevail, the factory speed is not as a reference basis for the purchase) Caching: 128MB to send the screw + screwdriver

important prompt : This new M.2 SSD According to buy a friend said to be compatible: Lenovo Y700 / small new 700 /Save the 15 / Shenzhou God of War Z7 / Z7M / Acer VN7 / ASUS ZX50 / ASUS UX501 / Dell Pursuit 7557 /DELL POCKET 7559 / MSI GE62 / MSI PE60 / MSI GE72 / MSI GT72 / Machinist Black Hawk F57 and other current mainstream models notebook ....Measured Acer T5000 compatibility issues, do not shoot, Please consult the online customer service ...