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US Blue Seamless access to the film for double-sided adhesive | patch of skin patch tape | environmental protection without stimulation

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: shang ke
  • Wigs single product: 3YARDS blue plastic combination

Buy blue plastic to send a double-sided blue plastic

Note: This section is only 0.9cm wide blue plastic a specification .1.8 has been sold out! Out of stock! Not to accept comments, only made 0.9cm wide. Shoot to understand this notice!

Offers -85fold

1.Full 2 ​​volumes, 95 fold Oh! Promotions only 33 days!

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3.Full 5 volumes, 85 fold Oh! Promotions only 33 days!

4. A roll of about 130 can be accessed, the length of about 2.74 meters. Please forgive the existence of errors!