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Simulation monitoring simulation camera false surveillance camera false hemisphere fake camera large with lights

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  • Brand: HRSEDZ
  • Model: Infrared

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This product is The night will automatically light a full circle of light simulation monitoring , With sensor function, to the night environment Bright circle of red light (inner led 11 lights) , And the general simulation of the difference is --- ordinary simulation monitoring only a LED light will flash, this will have a full circle at night, infrared light, and the true principle of the same camera is monitoring, installed two 5 Nanfu battery can 3-5 months of continuous work, the product distribution with mounting screws, the shop also comes with a large sheet of 3M stickers to facilitate buyers friend does not want drilling screws, can be directly attached to the formation of the place! Very convenient and practical Simulation of a surveillance camera!

Purchase the product and send the mounting screw and the new warning sticker , A powerful deterrent to warn criminals, protect property and personal safety!

product data:

Hemisphere diameter: 12.8 cm Hemisphere height: 8cm

Product net weight: 0.15kg With packaging gross weight: 0.21kg