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GRIS PCI-E Gigabit Network Card Desktop Server Short Bezel PCIe adaptive 1000M wired LAN

GRIS PCI-E Gigabit Network Card Desktop Server Short Bezel PCIe adaptive 1000M wired LAN
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: GRIS
  • Model: GE-E013-2
  • Model: GE-E013-2
  • Condition: New
  • Whether wireless: wired
  • NIC socket: PCI-E
  • Transmission speed: 1000Mbps
  • Applicable network type: Gigabit Ethernet
  • After-sales service: three bags of shops

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Individual computer system version of the installation file is not complete, network disk download PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet driver link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1qYT984G Password: ebmi

Send 2U small chassis short baffle one, send the chassis fixed screw!

PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet

The GE-E013-2 provides a total bandwidth of 2 gigabits per second, supporting critical performance and management functions. Since the driver is developed with the chip, it provides performance for throughput and host processor utilization. Supports 10/100 / 1000Mbps three transmission rate and full / half duplex transmission function, its built-in RTL8111 chip in line with IEEE 802.3 (10BASE-T), 802.3.u (100BASE-TX) and 802.3.ab (1000BASE-T) standards. Design certification, the Realtek RTL series has a mainstream narrowband noise tolerance, for the general circuit board (PCB) and direct cable to provide the performance of a large amount of media-side transmission, GE-E013-2 to provide on-chip RAM, to achieve effective data Buffering and limited PCI bandwidth performance.In order to reduce the burden on the CPU, RTL8111 Gigabit Ethernet control chip using adaptive interrupt mechanism, you can further uninstall the host CPU task, TCP / UDP / IP checksum TCP segmentation, Reduce CPU utilization to provide CPU overall performance. In order to allow customers to get better network management and troubleshooting features, GE-E013-2 with connection management software to help users diagnose problems and set the network environment and get real-time status Information
Fully IEEE802.1P, IEEE802.1Q, IEEE802.3 10Base-T, IEEE802.3u 100Base-TX, IEEE802.3ab 1000Base-T standard; support high-performance, low processor PCI-E data bus; support 10 / 100Mbps full-duplex / half-duplex mode, 1000Mbps full-duplex mode; support Auto-Negotiation technology, automatically detect full-duplex / half-duplex mode, automatically match the network speed; support IEEE802.3x full-duplex flow control Support for VLAN TAG Ethernet tag frame; support for gigabit long Jumbo Frame transmission and reception; compatible with PCI-E X1 and PCI-E X16 standard; an RJ-45 interface; automatic matching MDI / MDIX; Set the IRQ and I / O port address; contains two large capacity independent transceiver FIFO buffer; indicator indicates the network work.

How to identify the difference between 100 mega and giga:

1, Right click on my computer - manage - device manager - network adapter double click on your network card to select advanced,

Attribute to find your network card operating mode, if it is gigabit card, there will be Gigabit Or abbreviation GBE or 1000TThe words,

If it is a hundred trillion card, yes 100T. 2, Check whether the network cable 8Root all pass, one hundred MLine can only use four lines on the line,

One, two, three, six lines. Is orange white, orange, green and white, green four MThe line must be used for eight

. 3, If the above are excluded, for the root cable to try, the problem is likely to be on the line.

hundred MLine of ordinary five lines or super five lines on the line, thousands of MMust be super five and six lines above can be achieved.

Bought a Gigabit card, the speed shows 10M or 100M?

10/100 / 1000Mbps Refers to the transmission speed of the card, the term is called adaptive network card, which means that according to the network or the other side of the transmission speed automatically adjust their own network card transmission speed, full speed can be achieved1000M.

The former high transmission speed can only be achieved 100Mbps While the latter can be achieved 1000Mbps,That is to say the latter in the network conditions permit, the transmission speed faster than the former

As for the speed of your Internet, you should distinguish between LAN and WAN. LAN is usually a very small network, such as the company or home their own network, such a network because it is connected directly with the network cable, so the transmission speed Faster, you can reach the nominal speed of the card, that is, you said 10/100 / 1000Mbps The speed of the wide area network refers to the Internet, that is, you said the Internet, connecting the Internet not only with your computer's network card transmission speed, the most fundamental and the line transmission speed, that is, telecommunications or Netcom to provide the speed, usually Now are all 2Mor 4MOf the majority, so even if your network card speed and then fast, but the telecommunications line can not provide faster speed, but also only slow speed to transfer data.

For example, the Internet is like handling things from the warehouse, you have a lot of people a lot of transport vehicles, that is, your transport speed is very fast, but the road is very bad to go, is rotten road, transport car unhappy, so your Transport speed is also fast, because the road limits your transport speed. The same reason, your network card speed and then fast, also limited to the transmission speed of the telecommunications line, so you can not get up online.