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VOXOA / Teresa Teresa | 15th Anniversary | New LP Cipher Vinyl Record Phonograph

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Vinyl records, with a hundred years of history, art treasures,

Recording nearly a century of musical elegance

Until the eighties of last century the advent of cassette, nineties CD Capture the market,

To recent years MP3Wave invincible, vinyl records gradually withdraw from the mainstream music consumer market

However, it never really disappeared.

Perhaps because vinyl records should be nostalgic,

Miss the old record in the jukebox a long time to turn the good times

Perhaps because the vinyl record is good to listen to,

The digital era of music is less than its warm and round mellow echo

Perhaps it is all about music nostalgia,

More about vinyl behind the record of the attitude of life

Ritual version of the player program, practical touch,

Visual cover design, and with the years from the unique atmosphere

Carefully put the vinyl record self-sealing sets out,

Look at the record needle with the record cutting ups and downs

Listening to vinyl records can be a way of life,

Slow, refined, elegant listening aesthetics

We would like to carefully selected the name of the collection of vinyl series of engraved collection,

Can echo in your ears, light your life

(Album introduction)

Although there are many female singer to imitate Deng Lijun vividly known, but Teresa Teng is irreplaceable, and her songs we can only from the recording to memorize. Teresa Teng all the best-selling album, the most popular, But also the most well-known representative of the non-this '15anniversary ' This album is 1983year Polydor In order to celebrate Teresa Teng debut 15The best of the year, the selection is her most famous songs, like "He Junjun again" "sweet honey" "in the water side" "town story" "rhyme", heard these songs, the first Think of is Teresa Teng. Re-engraved vinyl version included 14The first song, by the people of vinyl sound many times, finally finalized to the highest quality 180Grams of vinyl suppression, sound quality extremely beautiful, who is the best ever Teresa Teng album is never an exaggeration.

(Track Description)


Walking life road
2 He Jun come again
3 Sweetly dense
4 on the water side
5 Forget him
6 You know who I love
The Story of a Small Town


I and you
2 Goodbye, my love
3 Dongshan Piaoyu Xishan clear
What do you say
5 Rhine
6 native strong
7 water people