VOXOA/front spindle, Teresa | 15 anniversary | New LP the redacted records phonograph dedicated

VOXOA/front spindle, Teresa | 15 anniversary | New LP the redacted records phonograph dedicated

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  • Brand: VOXOA/front spindle
  • Model: HJ7DLJ03
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(From the editor)

Vinyl records, history of the century-old tradition of 曆 art treasure,

Records nearly a century of Music Center

Until the last century 80 's cassette came out in the 90 CD Capture market

In recent years MP3Waves go all the vinyl records gradually withdrawn from mainstream consumer market

But it never really disappeared.

Perhaps because of records appropriate for nostalgia,

Miss the old record player on long rotation time

Perhaps because of records suitable for listening,

Music in the digital age than its warm mellow mellow resound

Perhaps all this I do not know about music is about nostalgia,

More vinyl record behind the show's attitude to life

Ritual version player, solid feel,

Visual cover design, and with age comes a unique atmosphere

Vinyl envelopes out carefully,

Watch the needle sing along for a while line ups and downs

Listen to vinyl records is an attitude,

Slow, delicate, refined listening aesthetics

Our handpicked vinyl replica collector's series,

Ringing in your ears, light up your life


Will you come again although many women now Mandarin pop singer famous for imitating her vivid, but Teresa was always one of a kind, we can only go from recording to finish her song. Teresa all the album's best-selling, most popular, or why most familiar representatives of the non- '15Anniversary of the ' Belong to, this album is 1983Year Polydor In order to celebrate her debut 15Out a collection of the year, selected by her most famous songs, like when will you come again, sweet, at water's edge, the story of a small town, such as the Rhine, upon hearing these songs, the first thought is Teresa. New replica vinyl version included 14Songs by potting up to school several times before finally struck, with the highest quality 180Gram vinyl pressing, sound quality sounds stunning, who is the most perfect parable that Teresa Teng album and never ever ever.

(Tracks are introduced)


1 way of life that stroll
2 when will you come again
3 sweet secret
4 at water's edge
5 forget him
6 do you know who I love
7 small town story


1 I'm with you
2 goodbye! My lover
3 East Mountain rain Western hills fine
4 What do you say
5 Rhine
6 original nostalgia thicker
7 water people