Ladies corset tummy tunics body underwear postpartum care breasts thin tight corset vest

Ladies corset tummy tunics body underwear postpartum care breasts thin tight corset vest

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: the fall of 2015
  • Brand: Fimage/
  • Material composition: polyamide (nylon) 90% polyurethane elastic fibers (spandex) 10%
  • Style number: 103836
  • Style: sexy
  • Color category: black colour grey pink red grey
  • Size: proposal to buy two wash wear from foot to wear m (85-112 waist circumference 2 ft 3) l (110-140 waist circumference 2 ft 6)
  • Sleeve length: sleeveless
  • Length: abdominal
  • Material: seamless
  • Material: nylon
  • Pattern: solid color
  • Garment details: lace
  • For seasons: autumn
  • Thickness: General

1. the thickness of the dress?
A: the clothes are a single body vest, General thickness not velvet, wear the inside body and warm base.

2. how to choose the right size?
Answer: because everyone tightness requirements and adapt to varying degrees, so the corset size there is no absolute standard of value.
In General, the m-code for 155-165 height and weighs 112 pounds, below the waist circumference 2 ' 3;
L codes for 160-170 in height and weighed 140 pounds, below the waist circumference 2 ' 6.

Like body close up may be appropriately selected smaller, not used to wearing corset suggest that under adapt.
Clothes be sure to From the feet upwards Slowly and put them on.

3. This fitness how it works?
Answer: there is no bone health body, tight and not in Paris. Different effects due to personal differences, such as FAT or thin, skeleton, and adaptation.

4. chest lace bra to wear it? Feed available?
A: the lace is semi-permeable, don't wear a bra sexy, recommended to the BRA with more upright.
When the lace is very convenient to both sides, waist will not be easy to catch cold.

5. coat for you?
A: no fish-bone plastic clothes more convenient and comfortable than conjoined, the crotch out of bondage. Bai needs under tights tucked in their pants.
After you get dressed from the feet up, pulling the Bai to the hips, close-fitting underwear or tight pants not easy curling.