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Remote control deformation of a key turned King Kong Hummer Hornet car robot genuine model boy toy car

Remote control deformation of a key turned King Kong Hummer Hornet car robot genuine model boy toy car
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Product parameters:

  • Country: USA
  • Category: Autobots
  • Name: Other
  • Product Attributes: Subject
  • (A key deformation) Blue 'to send a screwdriver' second generation of Hornet missile upgrade version of 'to send a screwdriver' second-generation aircraft 'to send a screwdriver' Lectra (a key deformation) yellow 'send screwdriver' Bugatti god of war (a key deformation) (A key to deformation) red 'to send a screwdriver' 1:14 poison gray 'to send a screwdriver' large bus new 'to send a screwdriver' a screwdriver 'a screwdriver' 1:22 Bugatti blue (a key deformation) blue 'send screwdriver' 1:22 Bugatti red 'send screwdriver' 1: 22 trumpet poison gray 'send screwdriver' Hummer God of War (a key deformation) green 'send screwdriver' Bugatti God of War (a key deformation) red 'send screwdriver' Bugatti police car
  • Brand: MZ / American model
  • Model: 2374P
  • Model level: spring deformation level Activator
  • Applicable age: 6 years of age
  • Status of sale: spot
  • Size: 40cm
  • Item: 2374P
  • Series: Other
  • Whether shopping guide video: None

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