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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Sommais
  • Model: 32G a memory card
  • Length of warranty: 1 year

Buyers must read: 2 times the memory card does not repair, why Sommais commitment to you six months promise to change service (Memory card surface scratches, indentation, gap, lack of printed characters, gold finger fracture and so on, is not within the scope of this guarantee for ) And cannot accept buyers do not take, thank you!

After the purchase of memory card, carefully will find, in the operating systems memory card capacity and the nominal capacity does not match official, will be less than the nominal capacity, larger then the difference is.

Nominal 512MB memory card, showed that only around 490MB in the operating system;

1GB memory card only 980MB;

4GB memory card only about 3.7GB.

This is not the manufacturer or Distributor is shoddy to deceive consumers, but card makers to volume calculation method unit conversion and calculation method of the operating system and the different causes.

Conditionally available as we all know, is the use of binary on your computer, which resulted in the operating system volume is calculated for every 1024 in order to come into the system, why every 1024 bytes 1KB, per 1024KB why 1MB, 1024MB order 1GB;

And memory card manufacturers in terms of computing capacity is per 1000 in order to enter the system, every 1000 bytes in order 1KB, 1000KB why 1MB, 1000MB why 1GB, binary differences between them caused a memory card capacity ' shrink '.

4GB memory card in order to:
Manufacturers capacity calculation method: 4GB= 4,000MB= 4,000,000KB= 4,000,000,000 bytes
Calculation method of converted into operating systems: 4,000,000,000 bytes/1024= 3,906,250KB/1024= 3,814.697265625MB= 3.8GB

While in the operating system, memory card formatted so that the system will take up some space on the memory card, for use by system files, so the operating system displayed in the memory card capacity and the nominal capacity will vary.

We usually use is based on the type of storage devices such as hard disk this method of calculation of the capacity of larger deviations are larger around the hard drive such as 40GB only 37GB, this is the normal volume. .