-Cool Dai Han semi-permanent tattoo machine screw eyes lips Ambassador yan MTS the face Foundation management machine

-Cool Dai Han semi-permanent tattoo machine screw eyes lips Ambassador yan MTS the face Foundation management machine

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product name: cool black tattoo screw machine
  • Color category: single needle screw silver screw round 3-pin screw-round 5-pin screw-5 pin screw 7 pin screw blunt needle
  • Beauty Tools category: other/other
  • Beauty tools: other/other
  • Brand: cool black
  • Name: tattoo screw machine
  • Function:/other
  • For skin: any skin
  • Origin: China
  • Shelf life: no

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She movement, quiet, powerful

This Is a set of eyebrow tattoos in one word machine ,Aluminum body beautiful appearance ,Uses Rotary technology are free to transfer out of the needle length ,Distribution made popular in Europe and convenient disposable acupuncture health ,Smooth needle ,Any beginner tattoo tattoo, learn to use a minute needle

Features and advantages

Using original Germany Coreless motors ,Long operation is not hot

Using the flexible PVC Connector to use light

Appearance curves shake hands fine operation comfort

Rotary telescopic technology can be any redeployment out of the needle length

Working voltage 100-240VSuitable for use worldwide voltage

Use of power 0-12VSuitable for eyebrow tattoo

Disposable tattoo tattoo one needle and tattoos and eyebrow

Automatic digital LCD power supply Is a set of eyebrow tattoos one multi-functional DC power supply, with perfect curves and computer touch-screen LCD, suitable for any tattoo machine tattoo machine using time switching between two machines, tattoo, eyebrow bleach lip wrinkles eyeliner, spray power can be adjusted automatically

Features and advantages

☆ Adopting Taiwan chip Board is not hot for a long time to make long power life

☆ When voltage overload when using the power supply will automatically turn off, safe and reliable

☆ While switching between two machines to make operation more efficient

☆ Working time can be adjusted using the power for all parts and skin

☆ Use voltage 100-240V voltage used for the world

☆ Why use power 0-12V suitable for use in all tattooing tattoo machine

New tattoo tattoo needle one (new PIN through the foil blister pack in full compliance with the standard ISO USA

Characteristics and performance:

☆ Health Tip and needle using a one-time Siamese design standards

☆ With 316 b medical needle toughness steel paint

☆ Adopting special silent material nozzle wear out needle steady

☆ 316 GB spring retroactivity

☆ Tight fixed card slot used for a long time the needle does not swing

☆ Beautiful appearance and easy handshakes of spiritual comfort and use

☆ Tips identical model with tattoo needles secant fog without restrictions

☆ This needle operation can save you time and reduce customer pain

☆ This can hold eyebrow tattoos needle ten minutes hands-on coloring technology

Machine performance

1) can do a tattoo and tattoo, you can also do facial micro-needle

2) use more kinds of needles, tattoo 1R.3R.5R.3F.5F.7F. micro-pin 9-pin or 13-pin

3) disposable piece syringes, needles automatic locking, easy to plug, 100% prevent cross infection.

4) depth of inserting the easy adjustment and accurate control in 0.2-0.25, perfect control

5) magnetic Rotary motor, noise, press frequency: 120-180hz

6) simple, head on/off button