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Cool Dye Mascot Machine Pleated Lip Tattoo One Machine Pigment Mosaic Tool Semi-permanent Tool Semi-permanent Screw Pin

Cool Dye Mascot Machine Pleated Lip Tattoo One Machine Pigment Mosaic Tool Semi-permanent Tool Semi-permanent Screw Pin
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: cool Dai silk embroidery screw one machine
  • Color classification: 489 screw machine
  • Beauty Tools Category: Other / other
  • Beauty Tools Variety: Other / other
  • Brand: cool Dai
  • Name: embroidery screw one machine
  • Specifications Type: Normal specifications
  • Effect: other / other
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • made in China
  • Shelf life: none

Machine performance

1) can do tattoo embroidery, can also do facial microneedles

2) use the type of needle, the use of 1R.3R.5R.3F.5F.7F. Micro-needle with 9-pin or 13-pin

3) the use of disposable conjoined syringes, needle needle automatically locked, easy to plug, 100% to prevent cross infection.

4) into the needle depth is easy to adjust, precise adjustment control in the 0.2-0.25, perfect control

5) magnetic rotating motor, noise, punching frequency: 120-180hz

6) Simple operation, the nose has an on / off button

Features and Benefits

Using the German hollow cup motor machine ,Long time operation is not hot

Using flexibility PVC The cable is light to use

Appearance curve exquisite handshake comfortable

Rotary telescopic technology can be arbitrary to adjust the length of the needle

Use voltage 100-240VSuitable for global voltage use

Use power 0-12VThe intensity is more suitable for tattoo and tattoos

Use a disposable tattoo tattoo needle can be tattooed with tattoo at the same time

Features and Benefits

☆ Taiwan chip motherboard using a long time is not hot to make power long life

☆ When the voltage overload when the power will automatically shut down, safe and reliable

☆ can also switch between the two machines to make the operation more efficient

☆ working time can be adjusted using the power size for a variety of parts and skin

☆ use voltage 100-240V for global voltage use

☆ use the power of 0-12V for the market all tattoo tattoo machine use

New tattoo tattoo needle (the new needle through the tin foil plastic packaging in full compliance with ISO Europe and the United States medical standards

Features and performance:

☆ with 316 medical B tip steel toughness good color fast

☆ use a special silent material needle mouth wear a smooth needle

☆ built-in GB 316 spring stretch strong

☆ built-in tight with a fixed card slot for a long time the needle will not swing

☆ beautiful and beautiful handshake flexible design comfortable and easy to use

☆ needle mouth model and tattoo needle with cut off the fog is not restricted

☆ With this needle operation can save you the time of operation to reduce the pain of the guests

☆ This needle can be used within ten minutes to hold the tattoo tattoo practice color technology

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