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! Less charging double needle Wenxiu machine tattoo machine | semi-permanent machine | eyebrows | floating lips machine

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  • Product Name: Vatican Zhen Wenxiu double needle machine
  • color type: red
  • Beauty tools Category: Other / other
  • Beauty Tools varieties: Other / other
  • Brand: Vatican Zhen
  • A single product: double needle Wenxiu machine
  • Effect: Other / other

Out of stock one week! Today small amount of cash to! Color can not choose! Random hair...

Machine features: built-in lithium battery, power outages can also operate about 1 hour movement, the number of revolutions is very high, very confidential Wenxiu than a lot of power is very adequate for the number of revolutions of the efficiency requirements of high customer!!! Machine can insert two needles (for example, insert two rows or rows of 5 pin or 7-pin round 3 Round 5) Of course, you can just plug in a ! · Flexible operation efficiency doubled! 3 colors random hair!

Shopkeeper remind : Because this machine double needles · high number of revolutions and more to do floating lips, and eyebrows! some type of!

A variety of colors! Color random hair! Mass movement that we use is very good, cost is very high! Our profit is very low! Do not bargain! No bargain! This price to buy the entity can not buy this quality!

Machine movement is export quality!! 1st movement we can only take dozens! But precisely because it is the export level of the movement! So the quality is very good machine! Repair rate is very low! And Flagship store selling quality guaranteed! · Non-human factors problems rely on the warranty card certificate enjoy one year quality guarantee!

Reminder: you can mimic the appearance is that you do not just look at the appearance of movement is focused ~~ · motor movement is not durable - with a period of time will burn the poor quality of the machine repair rate is very high and even lead to leakage and other hazards!!!! Also this machine lock pin is very strong! So the best time to use pins Nail scissors grip Plug it in! Major revolutions · Thus very fast lock pin will lock tight!

Our company is to provide EGF essence of this beauty Instrument! By the relationship Just get a little supply! Purely with selling! Do not make any money! So do not send any gift! You can buy it earned. Machine is very easy to use! Suitable professional Wenxiu division! Everything is what you pay for!
2 years of normal use is not a problem! Stable movement of the needle! Strong power!
Real 50000 rpm! (Many Taobao many cheap machines are virtual standard! Mostly made out of a small factory)

Engine speed quickly, the needle steady. And warranty 1 Under! Normal circumstances A few years are not bad. You can do eyeliner, eyebrows, lip and wander, and you can also do a small area of ​​tattoos, oh, three multifunctional charging one Wenxiu machine! But the owner personally think · Operating eyeliner if the proposed buy In addition we 1 single needle machine! more appropriate!

High speed Tip: When you receive a new machine to charge three hours, long press the power button for 1 second startup, shutdown is also a total of three stalls, loaded needle way: just pull out the needle and tweezers needle cap and replaced with a new needle needle cap, adjust the needle length can be switched to operate. since the number of revolutions the machine is very fast! so lock pin is also very tight! when the insertion needle may also tight! nail scissors grip the needle can then plug into it!

Speed ​​of the machine is very powerful and tangible up to 50,000 rpm, up to the tattoo operation requires using the speed and intensity of the machine can be freely adjusted ornamentation division, can control the operation.

Strong endurance
The machine uses intelligent brushless motor SSP strong power, stamina is 3-5 times the normal ornamentation machine is recommended to work the machine for 30 minutes to rest two minutes to continue, this method can improve the life of the machine.

Special lock pin design, the needle clip more securely, no needle swing, flying phenomenon in ensuring the safety of patrons, the machine decoration can be a general pattern unattainable thin eyebrows.

Strong Silent
Owner honest, the effect is muted as I store additional 1! Fast as the number of revolutions · sound naturally a little bigger! Very concerned about sound · buy us another 1! But not that great voice machine · just and additionally our store (1) In contrast, slightly larger.

Ergonomic design of body weight, compact, handy operation. Natural wear and tear of movement within the intelligence data has been set to protect the life of the machine.

Wireless easy to use

Korean machine ornamentation hold & semi-permanent tattoo is a tattoo collection features versatile machine can be plugged in charging or use, the use of aluminum body look attractive, 3-speed digital screen display, use rotary technology can easily mobilize the length of the needle with so popular in Europe and the disposable safety needle hygiene easy, smooth out the needle, tattoo permanent make up a minute of beginners can learn how to use a needle.