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Bang Wa SH-330 Wireless Microphones | Lavalier Tape | Tape | U disk | Speaking English

Bang Wa SH-330 Wireless Microphones | Lavalier Tape | Tape | U disk | Speaking English
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Bitwell
  • Model: SH-330 wireless loudspeaker
  • Item: Banghua SH-330

School indoor and outdoor teaching lectures, cultural and sports activities show performance amplification.
School group outdoor activities, travel commentary, the elderly fitness entertainment PA.

Multimedia audio-visual equipment connected, can be connected to each other to form a campus radio.
Product promotion and publicity. Live meeting. Temporary rally. Traffic scene command of public address and so on.

With deck, recorded playback function
Practical host built-in rechargeable battery (wireless microphone using the battery) charging function to ensure that the wireless microphone required electricity
SMD electronic components, SMT technology, excellent quality
98 group VHF215-265MHz frequency, 98 sets of different frequency machine used at the same time, do not interfere with each other
Three power options: AC AC, built-in rechargeable battery DC DC, external 12V DC power supply
The host has 8.4V rechargeable battery charging function, to ensure that the wireless microphone required to charge the battery at any time
Wireless / wired microphone can be used at the same time
High and low tone adjustment
Digital depth reverb
Audio input can be connected to music, MP3, MD, CD music
Low voltage circuit protection for batteries

Technical Parameters:

1. Power supply: AC220V built-in DC12V / 1.2AH battery, external VDC

2. Frequency range: VHF165-265MHz

3. Oscillation mode: quartz oscillation lock ± 0.005%

4. Wireless reception range: 35 meters

5. Channel: single frequency

6. Power: 75W

7. Specifications: 210 * 140 * 270mm

Weight: about 4KG

Standard configuration:
Receiver host one
Waist hanging wireless transmitter one
One of the lapel-type microphones
A headset microphone
Receiver with 12V / 2.2AH battery piece
The transmitter uses a 9V battery
A copy of the product brochure
Product warranty card one