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Mini kitchen weighing scales grams, said electronic scales home baking scale food called mini 0.01g precision 0.1g

Product code: -6870200030
Unit price 3.17-5.88$
Sold quantity 42241
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Defenders
  • Product Number: cfc-003
  • Color Classification: Special 1g-5kg without backlight diskless 0.5g-5kg There are no backlight tray B 0.5g-5kg backlit without pallets C 0.5g-5kg backlit D 0.1g-1kg trays have no backlight no tray E 0.1g- 1kg backlit without pallets G 0.1g-1kg tray has no backlight backlit F 0.1g-1kg tray H 0.5g-5kg have no backlight no tray A

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