Okumatsu robot | 4WD aluminum mobile robot platform, cross-country | can carry Arduino | Raspberry Pi

Okumatsu robot | 4WD aluminum mobile robot platform, cross-country | can carry Arduino | Raspberry Pi

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: RobotBase / Ozon robot
  • Model: RB-13K032
  • Model: RB-13K032
  • Dimensions: 30x22x7cm
  • Material: Alloy
  • Color Classification: classic black and silver glitter

AS-4WD aluminum mobile robot platform is wheeled off-road Ozon robot with China Robot Competition and Open Robocup rules and Arduino interactive tutorial requirements, self-developed all-aluminum 4-wheel drive mobile robot platform. This platform can carry more paragraph controllers, drives, sensors, and wireless RF module, the platform has a support plate 51 single-chip controller , Arduino mega2560 Controller , Raspberry Pi (later supporting bracket) , Arduino MEGA1280 Controller , 32 servo controller fixing holes , Two degrees of freedom servo head fixing groove, collision switch mounting hole, in addition, the front end plate can be installed infrared obstacle avoidance sensors, infrared distance sensors, light sensors, ultrasonic sensors, ultra-bright LED lights and so on. The main use of internet hard aluminum alloy materials, which has a light weight, high strength, non-deformation characteristics coupled with exterior design and color, gives a cool feeling.

Since the robot competition in recent years, mostly against class athletics, hanging above the field camera, you can perform image recognition and image tracking applications. Platform power output type four-wheel drive, a variety of ad hoc common DC geared motor mounting holes can be replaced according to personal preferences motor and tires, the robot easily obstacle, climbing and other high-performance testing platform off-road tire rubber elasticity, shock absorption, abrasion resistance, strong grip, etc., can adapt to slippery roads and rough terrain. this platform is very for Arduino enthusiasts, the major primary and secondary schools education for robot use, more suitable for students with their participation in the National Undergraduate electronic contest, the smart car competition, robot soccer competitions.

AS-4WD aluminum cross-country wheeled mobile robot platform Light weight, high strength, non-deformation characteristics

Full-powered off-road mobile robot, the production of high-quality selection of car balance

All-aluminum body, ultra-light, anti-wear, extended and more convenient

1. Wheel diameter: 120mm

2. Wheel width: 60mm

3. Platform Length: 206mm

4. Platform Width: 200mm

5. Platform Height: 120mm

6. Platform Weight: 1280g

7. chassis from the ground distance: 26mm

8. chassis from the ground distance: 26mm

9. Motor rated voltage: 12VDC

10. Motor no-load speed: 120 r / min

11. The motor rated speed: 108 r / min

12. The motor gear box length: 19mm

13. Motor rated current: 0.37A

14. Motor rated torque: 26.8mN.m

15. The motor torque value: 55.3mN.m

4wd off-road car product list

Cross-country wheeled mobile robots list a diagram showing the physical contact Online Customer Service Request electronic instructions for DIY installation

Install two degrees of freedom servo head, equipped with ultrasonic support, installation arm, more convenient use of extensions with the support plate

Can carry a variety of Arduino compatible controller, more convenient and simple