Oxen v860ii | II II | flash | Canon Nikon Sony c / n / s SLR | TTL lithium lights

Oxen v860ii | II II | flash | Canon Nikon Sony c / n / s SLR | TTL lithium lights

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: oxen v860II-N
  • Brand: oxen
  • Model: V860II-N
  • Service: Genius
  • For the Lord a brand: Nikon / Nikon
  • Flash and Accessory Type: top flash
  • Flash Index (ISO100): 60
  • Suitable for: Nikon TTL
  • Are rotatable: Yes

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[Official] genuine oxen lithium Machine dome light Yi-off v860II flash TTL II, Canon C / Nikon N / S Sony camera flash sync speed automatic ttl built 2.4G wireless receiver, X1 lead flashing system, GN60 index upgrade, focal length 20-200mm.

Shoot package, the package contained within spree merchandise, gift giving is not repeated. Premiums do not support the return (12 color film dedicated soft light softbox 1520 base case protective sleeve)

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