Nikon v860ii | second generation | flash | Canon Nikon c / n / s SLR camera | TTL lithium motor top

Nikon v860ii | second generation | flash | Canon Nikon c / n / s SLR camera | TTL lithium motor top

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: God cattle v860II-N
  • Brand: God cattle
  • Model: V860II-N
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Applicable to the main pieces of the brand: Nikon / Nikon
  • Flash and accessory type: set-top flash
  • Flash Index (ISO100): 60
  • Suitable for: Nikon TTL
  • Can be rotated: Yes

God cattle V860II Canon C version of the stock, V860II Nikon version of the N spot, the Sony version of the S spot, the spot! Spot three hot sale! ( In order to avoid the wrong goods, delay your use, photographed please specify the camera brand, or contact customer service notes! Warehouse default made Canon version, gifts do not repeat gift.

'Official genuine' God cattle lithium motor dome light Yat off V860II second-generation TTL flash, Canon C / Nikon N / Sony S automatic ttl high-speed synchronous camera flash Built-in 2.4G wireless receiver, X1 cited flash system, GN60 index upgrade, focal lengths 20-200mm.Note: V860II Sony Edition, Sony micro-alone because the body does not support the AF-assist light signal output, so X1TS focus assist lamp does not work.

When making the package, the package contains spree products, gifts do not repeat gift. Gifts do not support the return (12-color film 1520 soft box for soft box base protective cover)

Godox God Cattle brand in the East China region authorized the total generation, where in my shop to buy God genuine cattle can enjoy one year Genius service. In order to give consumers more reliable service guarantee. In my shop to buy the God of cattle products and provide 12 months shop extended warranty service, a total of 24 months warranty (Another: Division I in Shanghai Star photographic equipment City has a physical store, and self-repair points to provide fast repair services, online photographer free guide) Allows you to buy the rest assured that the use of more peace of mind!