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Has a summer hand-woven shoes men's shoes breathable a pedal casual lazy shoes Peas shoes men and women's shoes

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Product parameters:

  • Year of release Season: Fall, 2016
  • Item No .: ZG315
  • Brand: has Columbia
  • Toe style: round head
  • Closed way: set foot
  • Upper material: a variety of materials stitching
  • Upper inside Material: Net yarn
  • Shoes production process: sewing shoes
  • With the bottom style: flat with
  • Popular elements: the preparation
  • style: Casual
  • Subdivision style: sports and leisure
  • Occasion: Daily
  • Season: Summer
  • (Slightly loose) Weave Black (slightly loose) Knitting Purple (slightly loose) Knitting Rosy (slightly loose) Knitting Brown (slightly loose) Slightly loosened) Weave full green braided dark blue (slightly loose) Weave sapphire blue (slightly loose)
  • Size: 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44
  • Style: lazy shoes
  • Function: breathable
  • Suitable for: young (18-40 years of age) children (18 years of age)
  • Low shoes to help Name: Peas shoes

Squeeze the feet? Out of shoes?

To be leisure but also breathable? To be able to up the mountain, but also to run?

So to have a clean sweep brother!

All high-elastic lycra tendon rope with high elasticity!

Pedal pedal ~ foot ~ good comfortable ~

On the mountain, the next slope, the water play, work wear, home squatting Han can wear occasions ~

Wearing, pull a pull shoes, the more paste feet, the more comfortable, wear longer, more comfortable!

Stretching continued The longer, more paste feet, the better performance with the foot!