Nanjing Sky MF47C / T / L universal pointer multimeter tool box packaging line with gold-plated leads

Nanjing Sky MF47C / T / L universal pointer multimeter tool box packaging line with gold-plated leads

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Number: MF-47C / T / L
  • Color Classification: MF-47T (battery + 40W soldering iron) MF-47T (battery + 40W soldering iron suit) MF-47L (with battery) MF-47T (with battery) MF-47C (battery + 20A pen) MF-47L (battery + 40W soldering iron) MF-47T (battery + special tip pen) MF-47L standard (without battery) MF-47L (battery + 40W soldering iron suit) MF-47L (battery + special tip pen) MF-47C standard (no battery) MF-47C (battery + 40W soldering iron) MF-47L (battery + 20A pen) MF-47T (battery + 20A pen) MF-47C (battery + special tip pen) MF-47C (battery + 40W soldering iron suit) MF -47C (with battery) MF-47T (without battery) MF-47 external magnetic standard (without battery) MF-47 external magnetic (with battery + special tip pen) MF-47 external magnetic (with battery) MF-47 outside magnetic (with battery + 20A pen)
  • Renovation and construction content: Hydropower Engineering
  • Work: Analog
  • Accuracy: Other
  • Brand: KAWAU
  • Model: MF-47T

Analog Multimeter
Rare earth magnets, external magnetic meter, gold-plated circuit boards
MF-47C MF-47T MF-47L

basic skills Range Sensitivity Basic accuracy
MF-47C MF-47T MF-47L
DC current (DCA) 0.05mA - 0.5mA - 5mA - 50mA - 500mA 0.25V ±2.5% ±2.5% ±2.5%
10A ±5% ±5% ±5%
AC current (ACA) 500mA - 10A 0.5V no ±5% no
DC voltage (DCV) 0.25V - 1V- 2.5V - 10V - 50V 20kΩ ±2.5% ±2.5% ±2.5%
250V - 1000V - 2500V 9kΩ ±5% ±5% ±5%
AC voltage (ACV) 10V - 50V - 250V - 1000V - 2500V 20kΩ ±5% ±5% ±5%
DC resistance ([Omega) × 1Ω × 10Ω × 100Ω × 1kΩ × 10kΩ × 100kΩ The central value of 16.5 ±10%
Center value 20 ±10% ±10%
Due to reasons set function, see the product specific gear pictures and in-kind
special function
R * 100k high impedance
Capacitance (C uf) C × 1 C × 10 C × 100 C × 1k C × 10k
Beep path R×50Ω
Infrared signal test Vertical angle of ± 15 ° from the 1-30cm red LED indicator (flashes)
Audio level
Transistor (hFE) R × 10hFE 0-1000
battery power
Standard resistance
LED and regulator
Self-healing protection
Multiple protection
General Characteristics
External magnetic Good linearity, high stability
Rare earth magnets 2400GS
Gold-plated circuit boards Wear, oxidation
body color Iron gray
Body weight About 430g (without batteries)
Window size 100 × 60mm
Dimensions 165 × 113 × 46mm
Mobile toolbox 275 × 210 × 54mm
Battery 2 × 1.5V 5 #, 1 × 9V
1 × 1.5V 2 #, 1 × 9V
Standard Package and Accessories Portable toolbox, pen, manual

product description
47T, 47C and 47L external magnetic pointer multimeter, with a number of patented technologies. SFB unique patented header, use rare earth materials, seismic drop resistance. Equipped with anti-collapse
Bracket and multiple protection circuit gold-plated circuit boards, which since 47T multimeter unique self-healing protection, making the product market 47 domestic products
Benchmark. 47L is the latest product with LED (regulator) measurement capability. These products also includes a DC voltage measurement, AC voltage measurement, DC current
Measurement, AC current measurement (only with a 47T), the DC resistance measurement, battery measurement (only 47C has), capacitance measurement, infrared remote detection transistor
Parameter measurement, audio level measurement, standard resistance box, LED (regulator) measurement (47L have) and via buzzer functions.

* Widely used in homes, schools, renovation, electrical, electronic, information, communication, petroleum, chemical and service industries.