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Filco/Phil 104 LOL CF Gking II 2 generation Ninja games red, black and green tea-axis mechanical keyboard

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Product parameters:

  • Name: Phil FKBC104M/EFB2
  • Brand: Phil may
  • Model: FKBC104M/EFB2
  • Package types: the official standard
  • Mechanical keyboards: Yes
  • Gross weight: 1.2kg
  • Color classification: giant 2 generation 104 black red axis are carved giant 2 generation 104 pink green axis giant 2 generation 104 pink black axis Ninja 2 generation 104 black tea axis side carved giant 2 generation 104 black green axis are carved Ninja 2 generation 104 black green axis side carved Ninja 2 generation 104 black red axis side carved Ninja 2 generation 104 white black axis side carved giant 2 generation 104 black tea axis are carved giant 2 generation 104 Black Black axis are carved Ninja 2 generation 104 Black Black axis side carved
  • Supports Plug-and-play support
  • Connection: cable
  • Is there a multimedia function keys:
  • Interface type: USB Bluetooth
  • Supports ergonomic support
  • Hands-free: no
  • Condition: brand new
  • After-sales service: the whole country

GKing (N-Key Rollover) is one of the most magical in Filco mechanical keyboard, its internal circuit using the latest design technology in the world today, the entire keyboard output can reach keys without conflict.
"All key conflict-free output"
Output of 104 keys keys without conflict, are ideal for professional gamers demand, multiple keys can be pressed multiple keys at the same time an output is not in conflict.
This functionality requires the PS/2 interface can be achieved.
If you use the USB interface, due to the inherent disadvantages of USB interface, can achieve a maximum 6-key not in conflict better than common ordinary keyboard 3 keys of conflict-free output.
GKing internal circuits using advanced tube current counterflow prevention mechanisms, in order to achieve key outputs without conflict.

"Compatible with USB and PS/interface"
Keyboard itself what standard USB interface for all kinds of computers with a Plug and play USB interface. Also packaged with PS/2 adapter, through an adaptor can also be directly connected to the PS/2 interface on the computer.
"Cherry tea axis mechanical buttons"
Uses cherry MX tactile feel mechanical switch (Gold contacts ' tea-axis '), ergonomic design, tapping into key travel (4mm) is half (2mm) will be entitled to confirm and complete the tapping process, users ' typing in order to quickly and precisely, and comfort, so you can adapt to keyboard input to work for a long time.
"Designed with enhanced key"
Redesigned key and the key body, perfect eliminates keystroke ' sticky '.
Each keycap uses specially designed fonts to make them more distinct and beautiful, distinctive fashion.

Giant II (Majestouch 2) on the circuit board of the splined shaft hole walls coated with copper. Stronger compared to pure copper tinned conductivity, strong hardness, corrosion resistance, to ensure good conductivity and can greatly extend the service life.

Giant II (Majestouch 2) the shaft filled with a new type with the circuit board welding materials, toughness more, why weld, and can effectively prevent the transport or use during the violent shaking possible axis of unsoldering and so on.

Hand, past masters series, axis point directly focused on the plate, tapping the strength of any finger will be received by the plate, finger will bring to some extent the feeling of firmness. Giant II (Majestouch 2) this improvement, while retaining plate, a portion of the striking force dispersed on the FR-4 circuit board, this can be an effective buffer and absorbing excess percussion strength, why give the finger more warm feedback, for long time entry, and not feel tired.

Giant II (Majestouch 2) uses the internal circuit and chip design is Japan DIATEC introduced the classic masters (Majestouch) epoch-making innovation for the first time in a decade, this improvement is much larger than in the past, can be said to Filco (Phil ®) a milestone product.

2. professional driver (Professional Driver For Gamer and Professional Use):

Professional gaming keyboard sold a lot, but almost no one is optimized for machine shaft, so many gamers and professional personnel will always encounter some strange problems, in fact, many of these problems are probably because of your keyboard reaction caused by misalignment. Filco (Delphi, can ®) NINJA Ninja series end has this a embarrassing situation, first for mechanical key axis design and optimization has keyboard built-in drive program, latest drive full consider mechanical key axis of press pressure, triggered key drive, back play speed, features, from main control chip and drive program optimization to, maximum degree Shang reduced or elimination has originally may appeared of accident, let you accounted for do opportunities, hit more confidence.

3Windows 7®Official certification (Windows 7 ® Officially Approved):

Why international brands, Filco (Phil ®) NINJA Ninja series official Microsoft Windows 7 ® Windows operating system certification, system recognition of the keyboard faster and use more secure.

4. extreme configuration (Supreme Configured):

Filco (Delphi, can ®) NINJA Ninja series for why giant II generation of pioneer, its natural of design and extreme no Shang of configuration, no hide to highlights has he extreme of nature, after improved of key Cap coating more can upgrade operation who of touch, and with keyboard gift has a support new Filco (Delphi, can ®) pulled key device and two gold first announced of Win replaced key Cap:

  • Win replacement key caps
  • DIATEC company has always been attention to detail why Filco (Phil ®) all NINJA Ninja series is equipped with the Win key replace key caps, side printing, Windows LOGO, replacing the full keyboard can be achieved after the consolidated side stamped, personalized DIY believe can bring some fun to the customer.

  • 5. appearance improvements (Improved Outlook):

    Filco (Phil ®) NINJA Ninja series makes a detailed improvements in appearance, in order to be able to become more prominent Filco (Phil ®) has long been in the minds of users keep in simple, impeccable high quality images:

    • Dark silver LOGO (black label)
    • Filco (Phil ®) series using giant NINJA Ninja II (Majestouch 2) unified improved appearance, one of the most important changes is the giant of the second generation (Majestouch 2) using the new LOGO, the dark silver Sheen exudes charm, great texture, and why players affectionately refer to their ' black label '.

    • Revision package

      All masters II (Majestouch 2) has used the new packaging box, more stylish and full of mystery.

      Internationalization instructions

      Filco (Phil ®) in global sales, as well as domestic Filco (Phil ®) users and lovers of long term support Filco (Phil ®) language internationalization of its product specifications, features have been added to the specification language in English and Chinese, to enhance the localization of products, make it easier for users to read.