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Xiangtai home | creative wedding gifts to send girlfriends wedding gifts | practical high-end friends wedding home furnishings

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Sold quantity 2006
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Xiangtai home
  • Appearance: people
  • (Scheduled 5 days) Creative: eight-Rong eight shame Resin base (scheduled 5 days) High: knotted with wood frame models scheduled for 5 days) Blasting: celebrate the wedding resin base (scheduled 5 days) Creative: eight-eight shame wooden frame section warm: the end of the old resin end of warmth: old-fashioned wooden end of a nest of small monk scheduled for 5 days) A two love story wooden frame four pig a hundred years of good flowers good month round
  • Material: Resin
  • Item No .: jiehunliwu
  • Applicable space: living room
  • Style: Modern Chinese
  • Function: marriage
  • Decoration type: Desktop Decoration

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