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Sheng measuring instruments CP3007 18M ultrasonic length and area measuring instrument | laser pointer rangefinder handheld

Sheng measuring instruments CP3007 18M ultrasonic length and area measuring instrument | laser pointer rangefinder handheld
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: SUNCHE
  • Model: CP3007
  • Product Number: CP3007
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works
  • How it works: Ultrasound
  • Distance measuring distance: 20m

Ultrasonic range finder is fully applicable to home decoration, to buy air-conditioning when calculating the size of the area, real estate agents or construction workers must be required to quickly measure the room and room area of ​​the tool, ultrasonic range finder to measure the straight-line distance from 0.50M To 18 m. (1.5 ft. To 60 ft.) The ultrasonic range finder determines the measurement distance by transmitting ultrasonic waves to the measured object and then calculating the ultrasonic travel time.

1, measuring the current temperature (power on automatically)

2, the measured length (the shortest 0.5M, the longest 18.288M)

3, the measurement area:The first volume and then press the STORE long and then save the area key (AREA)

4, measuring the volume:First volume and width and height and then press the STORE save, then the volume key (VOL)

Technical Parameters:

Measuring range: 50 cm to 18 meters

Error: five thousandths

Resolution: 0.01 meters

Maximum measuring distance: 18 meters

The maximum distance and: 180.00 meters

The maximum distance and: 180.00 meters

The largest calculation volume: 1800.0 cubic meters

Power supply: 9v battery

Transmitting frequency: 40kHz

Operating temperature: 0 ° C ~ 50 ° C

Rangefinder use guide:

Install the battery
Your range finder requires a 9V battery, and for better use and longer life, we recommend you use alkaline batteries.
Follow these steps to install the battery:
1. In accordance with the direction of the battery chamber arrow to go;
2. Cover is pushed open, the battery room has positive and negative (+ and -) poles,
3. Open the cover
4. Replace the battery when the battery is low or when the DME is not working.

Warning: If it is one month or more than a month, please remove the battery, so as not to damage the battery for a long time without leakage of the instrument.
Stabilization of the range finder:
This instrument is sensitive to temperature and humidity and waits 15-30 minutes before use until the range finder stabilizes to room temperature.

Rangefinder switch:
To turn the instrument on, press 'MEASURER' to display the screen easily even in dim light.
30 seconds if not automatically shut down.

1. Press 'MEASURE' and the instrument's radar will detect that the instrument is at the other end of the measurement.
2. Keep the bottom of the instrument close to the wall, approximately the distance from the ceiling to the floor. Make sure you have no obstructions between your measurements and your head or your hand not in front of the meter.
3. Press 'FEET' or 'METER' repeatedly, 'FEET' means to measure in feet, or 'METER' in meters.

The meter display is usually about 30 seconds, if you replace another model is about 30 seconds.
If you measure less than 2 feet (0.5 meters) or more than 60 feet (18.288 meters), 'ERROR'

Measuring Tips:
Some curtains can absorb sound waves, resulting in measuring instrument is not allowed to measure.If you have a curtain in the room for measurements, please put the curtains on the other side of the window, but also the window closed.
If there is an obstacle in the measured distance, then the data measured by the ultrasound is not correct, such as a desk, chair, or other obstacle.If you are not sure whether you are measuring correctly, you from a different point of view Perform multiple measurements.
If you do not measure a flat area or a narrow corner, the data you get is wrong.
If the distance to be measured is greater than 60 feet (18.288 meters) then choose the middle point of the house, say: from the midpoint to each side of the measurement, and then add up on it.

Laser function. Reduce the measurement error:
1. Follow these steps to measure a dimension with 'Measure'
2. Press the 'STORE' button, you can store the measured data in the memory card M1, M2 or M3 card inside.
3. If necessary, repeat steps 1 and 2 above to store the data.
4. If you want to store the data in which M1, M2 or M3 card. This data is there.
5. If you want to store new data, then it will directly delete the original data on it.
6. If you want to delete all the data, then press the 'ALL MEMORY CLEAR' hold for 3 seconds, and then all the data there M1, M2, M3 and the like will temporarily disappear.
Note: The date and sound can not be saved after deletion
Using Laser:
To use the laser, press 'LASER' and turn off automatically if it does not move for 5 seconds

Laser emission of 650 nm is the visible laser wavelength.
Do not stare at the laser beam, do not use laser to shoot anyone's eyes

<? Xml: namespace prefix = o ns = 'urn: schemas-microsoft-com: office: office' />CP3007 rangefinder range of measurement tutorials

First, the key instructions:

1, MEASURE: long press the boot / short press the test button

2, Laser: laser point switch

3, M1, M2, M3: M1 ~ M3 three groups of storage data channel

4, +: summation calculation key

5, -: difference calculation key

6, FEET / METER: length unit conversion keys

7, AREA: area calculation keys

8, VOL: volume calculation keys

9, ALL MEMORY CLEAR: short press to clear the current data / long press to clear all data

10, STORE: storage

Second, the length of measurement:

1, long press MEASURE key to boot, and other machines to complete the self-test, the screen shows 0.00 is the standby state;

2, stand to a distance to be measured from an endpoint, press the LASER button, a laser point (such as starting with laser point that does not need to open), the distance to be tested at the other end, fixed rangefinder does not move, press Under the MEASURE key, the screen shows the value of the current test is the length of the distance value;

3, repeat the same steps, you can measure the distance between the other two points;

Third, sum:

1. Press the MEASURE key to get a length value. Press the STORE key to store it. Press M1 to select M1 as the memory location, then press the MEASURE key to get another length value. Store it in M2 as above.

2, select M1, press the + key, and then press the M2, press the + key again, the screen shows the results of M1 + M2, support two sets of data, the three data, the three data loop Wait;

Fourth, the difference:

Operation with the sum.

Fifth, calculate the area:

Press M1, M2, then the screen will show the area value of M1 * M2; the value of M1 and M2 will be displayed;

Sixth, calculate the volume:

M1, M2, and M3 are stored according to the first step and the volume value of M1 * M2 * M3 is displayed by pressing the VOL key.