Hold gauge CP3007 18M ultrasonic length measurement of area measurement instrument | Handheld laser designator rangefinder

Hold gauge CP3007 18M ultrasonic length measurement of area measurement instrument | Handheld laser designator rangefinder

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: SUNCHE
  • Model: CP3007
  • Item no: CP3007
  • The decoration and construction: installation
  • Works: ultrasonic
  • Ranging from: 20m

Ultrasonic distance meter is fully applicable to home improvement, buy air conditioning area size, real estate agents and builders must needed tool for quick measurement of room and room size, ultrasonic distance meter can measure the distance from 0.50M to 18M. (1.5 ft-60 ft) ultrasonic Rangefinder is the use of ultrasonic wave to the measured object, then the ultrasonic measurement of round-trip time to determine distance.

1, current temperature (auto show)

2, length (short 0.5M, long 18.288M)

3, area:Length and width, then press STORE to save, then press the size key (AREA)

4, volume:Length and width and height, then press STORE to save, then press the volume key (VOL)

Technical parameters:

Measuring range: 50 cm ~18 m

Error: 5 per thousand

Resolution: 0.01 m

Maximum measurement distance: 18 m

And maximum distances: 180.00 metres

And maximum distances: 180.00 metres

Maximum volume: 1800.0 cubic meters

Power supply: 9V battery

Transmitting frequency: 40kHz

Operating temperature: 0 ° c ~ 50 ° c

Range finder using the Guide:

Get ready
Install the battery
Your rangefinder need a 9V battery. In order to better use and extend life expectancy, we recommend that you use alkaline batteries.
Please follow the steps below to install the battery:
1. in accordance with the battery compartment direction of the arrow;
2. cover push slide open battery room with positive and negative (+ and-) poles,
3. open the lid
4. when the display when the battery is low or range finder not running, please replace the battery.

Warning: if it is more than a month, or a month without, please take the batteries out to avoid battery without leakage damage the instrument for a long time.
Rangefinder stable processing:
This instrument is sensitive to temperature and humidity, before use, 15-30 minutes until the distance meter, such as stabilizing to room temperature.

Range finder switches:
To open the instrument, press the 'MEASURER' even in the Dim light can easily display screen.
30 seconds if not shut down automatically.

1. click 'MEASURE', the radar instruments will measure instrument reached by going to the other end.
2. near the wall at the bottom of the instrument, is probably the distance between ceiling and floor. Make sure you measure the distance between obstacles, your head or your hands in front of the measuring instrument.
3. repeatedly press the 'FEET' or 'METER', 'FEET' expressed in feet measured, or receive 'METER' measured in meters.

Display of the measuring instrument is generally in about 30 seconds, and if you change to another mode is about 30 seconds.
If you are measuring range is less than 2 feet (0.5 meters) or greater than 60 feet (18.288 m) will display 'ERROR'

Measurement tips:
Some curtains can absorb sound waves, resulting in measurement are not allowed. If you have curtains indoor measuring, please put curtains on the window on the other side, and closing the window.
If there are obstructions in the distance, the ultrasonic measurement data is incorrect, such as tables, chairs, or other obstructions. If you are not sure your measurements are correct, then you repeated measurement from different angles.
If your measurement is not a flat or narrow corner, and that your data is in error.
If the distance to be measured is greater than 60 foot (18.288 m) then click on the middle point of the House, such as: points from each side measurement, then add up to.

Laser functions. Reducing errors:
1. follow these steps to use the ' measure ' to measure a size
2. click the 'STORE' button, you can take measurements stored in memory M1, M2 or M3.
3. If necessary, repeat the first and second steps to store data.
4. If you want to store the data in which M1, M2 or M3. So that the data inside.
5. If you want to store the new data, that the original data can be deleted directly.
6. If you want to delete all the data, then press 'ALL MEMORY CLEAR' press and hold for 3 seconds, and then all of the data are M1, M2, M3, will temporarily disappear.
Note: deleted and was unable to save the date
Using laser:
To use the laser, press the 'LASER', if you 5 seconds then automatically switches off

Why laser 650 nm visible laser wavelength.
Don't stare at the laser beam, do not shoot anyone with a laser eye

﹤?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = 'urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office' /﹥CP3007 range finder measuring tutorial

One, press note:

1, MEASURE: press start/short press the test key

2, Laser: laser switch

3, M1, M2, M3:M1~M3 three sets of storage data channel

4, +: sum calculation key

5,-: difference calculation key

6, FEET/METER: length unit conversion button

7, AREA: area calculation key

8, VOL: volume keys

9, ALL MEMORY CLEAR: short press to clear the current data/long press to clear all the data

10, STORE: store

The second, measuring in length:

1, long press the MEASURE key to boot, machine self test completed, 0.00 is displayed on the screen in order to standby;

2, stand to the measured distance at one end point, press the LASER button, a laser point (such as post without opening the laser point Kai), alignment to be tested from the other end, fixed distance meter does not move, press the MEASURE key, the screen displays the numerical value for the length that what distance for the current test;

3, repeat the steps, you can measure the distance between two points;

Third, the sum of:

1, press the MEASURE key to get a length value, press the STORE key to store, press M1 M1 why storage location, then press the MEASURE key to get different length values, according to the above methods stored in the M2;

2, M1, press the + keys and then press M2, press the + key once again, the screen that shows the results of M1+M2, supporting two sets of data together, three sets of data together, adds three sets of data circulation;

Four, the difference:

Operation with the sum.

Five area:

First step get the value of the sum of the above methods M1, M2 to store numeric values, corresponding to long and wide, AREA area key is pressed, once again press the M1, M2, M1*M2 area is displayed on the screen;

Six, volume:

Above the sum of the first step of the method M1, M2, M3 to store numeric values, corresponding tests lwh, press VOL button and the volume value of M1*M2*M3 is displayed.

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