French Parrot Parrot Jumping Sumo intelligent robots | bounce car remote control car

French Parrot Parrot Jumping Sumo intelligent robots | bounce car remote control car

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: parrot / Parrot
  • Model: Parrot Jumping Sumo
  • Model: Parrot Jumping Sumo
  • material: plastic
  • Color Classification: Dark khaki White

Perfect jumping ability

Parrot Jumping Sumo is a highly personalized robots can be made scrolling, sprint, Z-shaped forward, sharp turns and 90 ° steering and other activities. It can instantly jump to a height of 80 cm. Jumping Sumo has three kinds of driving mode:
1. Jumper: can horizontal and vertical jumps 80 cm, and always with four wheels.
2. Kicker: spring-loaded, so that it can push the process of moving the obstacles met.
3. Auto-Balance:. Like 'Segway' scooters like self-balance mode by FreeFlight 3 3 free app can be set on a number of difficult moves its onboard camera so you can always fully experience the Parrot mini remote control aircraft. driving pleasure.

'Self-balancing' mode

Running and jumping!

Ultra-sophisticated technology enables Jumping Sumo can be achieved than any other radio-controlled toy car steering more precise. All you need to finger touch control can be achieved. Central inertia design, instantaneous 90 ° and 180 ° big turn easily. Depending on your situation control, it will issue a personalized music sound to increase fun! it is in your hand, its LED light will turn red, indicating that the locked skip function.

Unmatched directional stability

Equipped with retractable wheels Jumping Sumo provides you with two kinds of control methods:
Enhance its stability at high speeds when a wheel is expanded: 1. Expand the wheel mode
2. The wheel tightening mode: you can increase flexibility and maneuverability they carry in a narrow space technology ensures perfect straight traveling performance and cornering speed capability!