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Saibi desktop heaters heater home heater mini desktop desktop small bathroom electric heating

Saibi desktop heaters heater home heater mini desktop desktop small bathroom electric heating
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: 赛 billion HN2318PT
  • Heater heating: ceramic heating
  • Brand: 赛 billion
  • Model: HN2318PT
  • Smart Type: Smart is not supported
  • Maximum heating area (square meters): 20m ^ 2 or less
  • Electric heater maximum power: 1200W (with) -2000W (including)
  • Procurement: Mainland China
  • Color classification: black silver edge
  • Applicable area: 11m ^ 2 (inclusive) -20m ^ 2 (inclusive)
  • Stalls: 2 files

A few notes on the heaters

It is important -Heating effect

'About size': A sort of small, heating just right, the following detailed product size that it;

'On the heating element': Race million heaters are Ceramic heating element , Not only the high heating efficiency, and long service life, one of the ceramic after a 1600-degree high-temperature calcination, and heating wire heating element in the easy aging after power-oxidation;

'About Power Consumption': 赛 billion heaters Built-in automatic temperature control , According to the body's temperature to automatically adjust the power and power of the state, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving;

'About Power Off': There is a button below the heaters Fell to the switch , Also Safety switch , A slight tilt of the product will automatically power off, that is, the product should be placed on a relatively flat place to use;

'About Sound': Heaters, are brought through the product comes with a small fan blowing hot air to the entire room heating, so the heater in the course of the existence of some sound, but the sound is not great, but this is the desktop warm Fan Hey;

'About shipping': Every day at 14:00 Delivery, the day before the issue, the second day after the issue;

'about delivery': We use it by default Baishi Huitong delivery , Temporarily do not accept other courier, please understand;

'About Warranty': Hey, race billion heaters have voted for product quality insurance and freight insurance, you have nothing to worry about?