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Portable multi - parameter water quality analyzer residual chlorine detector aquaculture equipment fish and shrimp crab ammonia nitrogen dissolved oxygen

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: AMTAST
  • Model: ammonia nitrogen / residual chlorine / nitrite multi-parameter detection
  • Item: multi-parameter water quality detector
  • W-2 (12 parameters detector) Alkalinity reagent (not including the instrument) Heavy metal chromium reagent (excluding equipment) Copper reagent 2 bottles (not including the instrument) W-2 (12 parameter detector) (Excluding equipment) 1 bottle of nitrite reagent (not including instrument) 1 reagent bottle of reagent (not including instrument) 1 reagent bottle of reagent (not including instrument) Bottle (not including instrument) Dissolved oxygen reagent A group of three bottles (not including equipment) Phosphate reagent A group of 3 bottles (not including equipment) (calcium and magnesium ion) Hardness reagent bottle (not including instrument) Sulfide reagent bottle With instrument) Accessories 'cuvette 10'
  • Decoration and construction content: procurement of the main material

Special Note: W-1 (8 parameters) and W-2 (12 parameters) are 50 special reagents (hardness of 20), XH-1 (15 parameters) are 25 reagents. Standard dedicated reagents!

Other industries will be seized as follows:

industry Standard test items National standard
Water plant Residual residual chlorine 0.3-0.5 mg / l
swimming pool Residual chlorine (free chlorine) 0.3-0.5 mg / l
Hospital dialysis water Residual chlorine disinfection residues 0.5 mg / l