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Send girlfriend girlfriends boyfriend boyfriend birthday gifts girls creative and practical romantic special small gifts

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: happy married
  • Gross weight: 0.15
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  • Color Classification: Dragon cup skeleton cup heart-shaped cup pineapple cup beer cup flower straight cup octagonal cup lotus cup water cube cup vase cup cola cup
  • Product Type: Home

Frequently Asked Questions:

The material of this cup is acrylic , Commonly known as plexiglass (non-glass), acrylic material than the advantages of ordinary glass is high temperature, cold, not fragile, safe and environmentally friendly ~

Cup delivery has been installed when the electronic, can last about 30 hours, do not pour water is not light, electronic replacement can be used ~

As long as the liquid into the issue of color flashing light, constantly transforming, the picture is to capture the effect of Oh ~

The need to write a pro-greeting card, please note that the pro-single, there is no note of the pro-recognition of the blank greeting cards to go back to write their own Oh ~

We are committed to: each cup will be tested before shipment to ensure that the hands can be pro-normal use, because we are giving away the gift, not careless, so parents are assured to buy Oh!