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Deep Dawei handheld laser range finder can be charged 80 meters 120 meters room outdoor infrared measuring instrument with voice

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: SNDWAY / Shenda Wei
  • Model: SW-Q80 / 120
  • Item No .: SW-Q80 / 120
  • (Indoor and outdoor universal) 'to send professional-grade tripod' 200 m original standard (indoor and outdoor universal) 'to send Professional-grade tripod '
  • Decoration and construction content: woodworking
  • How it works: Laser
  • Distance measuring distance: 80m

To: you pro

Deep Dawei rangefinder brand launched the indoor and outdoor general-purpose series, SW-Q80 and SW-Q120, Currently the most versatile range finder , Range ranging to 80 meters and 120 meters, accuracy ± 1.5 mm , With the Chinese unit, with angle measurement, lofting measurement, a key height, Pythagoras measurement, with area, volume, triangle, extension rod, the area of ​​?? Length of the cumulative and even Continued measurement work Can, 100 groups Data storage, support USB measurement data export, with the charger and rechargeable battery. Now shop promotions , Authentic licensed, please buyers as soon as possible. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan region by default shipping 30 yuan from SF.

7 days no reason to return, warranty: 1 year there are quality problems for new machine (man-made damage charges) !