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Summer long section of ice sleeve sunscreen gloves female sleeves slim men and women the same paragraph outdoor running car sunscreen sleeve cuff

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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2016
  • Brand: EUSSUE / to prime
  • size: one size
  • Item: Sunscreen Sleeve AU-1
  • Color: blue band refers to paragraph [] [blue pink with white [with] refers to paragraph refers to paragraph] black [with] refers to paragraph refers to paragraph gray [with] taro purple pink gray white bare white female models 1304A (palm slip) to shoot three pairs of minus one pair of money not to shoot unabated Oh!
  • Texture: Other
  • Category: General
  • Applicable people: a couple aged: 60 years and older middle-aged: 40-59-year-olds: 20-39 year-old children and adolescents
  • Press Relations gifts: Friends

South Korea ice silk sunscreen sleeve struck!
High-end ice silk eco-friendly materials, put the temperature up by! Icy enjoy high elastic!
Driving, cycling, outdoor activities, do not worry about this summer tan 'Black and white' La! !
Lower than room temperature, indoor wear cool! Car air conditioning cooler after some really chilly!
Exposure in the sun, cool feeling alleviate! But it will not be tan heat hot Oh!
Sunny summer when you can sunscreen, sunscreen with a sun protection sleeves is better than the effect of sunscreen, sunscreen and no hot and greasy feeling on the skin without any harm.

Main figure, the details are really making plans, we took what, what is the parents who bring, We are committed within 15 days of receipt of goods are not satisfied that we are refunding pro who can buy!!

Weather has quickly become hot sun getting poison So now we repay consumers, especially at a loss limit limit sales price sold to resume daily sales price

About express our default hair every day is less than a hair Huitong EMS (postal) If you need other express need to contact customer service make up the difference, oh

pay attention: Reflect individual customer receive the baby A long, one short sleeve case, tell you is that, when each sleeve textile factory specifications pin number are the same, as has just produced on folding sealed package, for a long time due to squeeze, stretch a stretch, no problem does not affect the worn effect, different colors of different batches shipped machine adjustment problems will arise question of the duration, This Case not a quality problem, mind, please carefully shot Oh!!