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High heels mat black beige seven pad silica pad 7 points pad all leather shoes insoles suede soles slip

High heels mat black beige seven pad silica pad 7 points pad all leather shoes insoles suede soles slip
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  • Brand: D. jing / point fine
  • Product No: 45874
  • Color Classification: beige wave point beige suede polygon light yellow camouflage section black suede polygonal rosy red camouflage models rose red surface poly military green camouflage
  • Size: other sizes

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Seven-pad (there are transparent silicone models)


The price of a pair


A grade silicone +, cloth (see the specific color)


(Transparent size) Length 20CM The forefoot width 6.5CM Heel width 5CM Thickness around the thickness of 0.3CM 0.5CM

(Fabric size slightly different)


Health massage, soft and comfortable, decompression shock, non-slip breathable, reduce foot fatigue


Accept 100 pairs on the wholesale price dwell