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Cotton baby bibs baby sling cotton double snaps newborn child turban bibs scarves summer

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Mu Tong
  • Color Classification: Brown-white striped dress [1] [1 fringes colored cotton dress solid color] [1] fitted cotton bandage dress [6]

Cotton bandage, Event begins , Quickly rob it

Cotton bandage , Edge technology package , Adjustable double snaps , No security printing , Both sides can be used

Mu Tong to introduce Features

1. The material is soft and tasteless, my mother can rest assured that your baby to use.
2. The wrapping material is cotton, more comfortable after the baby with no sense of conflict.
3. easy to clean, add appropriate amount of detergent can be washed clean water directly, so my mother particularly convenient.
4. dry, slightly Liangshai moment or with a dry cloth, very easy to use.
5. Anti saliva, Tangtangshuishui the whole catch, my mother no longer have to worry about baby dirty clothes.
6. equipped with convenient, as long as the mother is good in your pocket Diego can be a good.
7. Adjustable snaps, the baby can be used for six months from primary school up is not required.
8. No dyeing cotton, baby love, playing outside eating cute.
9. Economic and practical, brush your teeth, wash your face, apply a meal.