TH804B hotline coupler / bridge / directed telephone | 4-way broadcast coupler

TH804B hotline coupler / bridge / directed telephone | 4-way broadcast coupler

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: JZW
  • Model: TH804B
  • Item No: TH

TH804B hotline coupler

Technical performance:

* This product is a professional hotline access and control apparatus for all kinds of radio and television stations broadcast the program in use, it can be applied to a conference call, call recording and other occasions.

*Provides four telephone access, the use of microcomputer chips and electronic switching technology, various control independent of each other, the Leads flexible operation, can achieve up to four telephone access simultaneously, the audience and the moderator, the audience and the audience Room can be set to multi-party call, talk freely, but also implement call hold, respectively conversation.

*Provides audio and control interface standby two live room, the user can add a small box with a control and the corresponding control cable, you can achieve two live room timeshare means a hotline.

* Each channel has anti-side tone adjustment switch, can get a better phone quality, to avoid harmful acoustic feedback.

* The host directed and capsule built call control apparatus includes a microphone and a speaker (Moderator may call for access to the console output or headphone splitter), and a call button so that the internal call has become very convenient .

* No directed mode is suitable for the case where only the presence of the host and switch automatically answering hotline (This function requires the user to custom-made).


* Audio input: (from Live Studio) 10KΩ balanced 0dBu 6.35mm three-pin plug

* Audio output: (to live room) 20Ω balanced 0dBu 6.35mm three-pin plug

(Mixing output) 600Ω unbalanced -10dBV 6.35mm three-pin plug (headphone) 16Ω 6.35mm three-pin plug

(Intercom output) 8Ω unbalanced -10dBV 6.35mm three-pin plug

Frequency Response: 300Hz - 3KHz

Distortion: ≤1%

SNR: ≥70dB (excluding telephone line noise)

Sidetone suppression: ≥45dB

Host Size: 19-inch 1U standard chassis

Power consumption: 10W

Standard: one host, two control lines, two control box, a description, a power cord

Methods of operation:

1. call: When a call comes in a road, the road Ling Zhen telephone, directed by the control box on the corresponding light-emitting tube will flash to indicate a call comes in, directed way to answer this call.

2. Hou broadcast: When directed to answer the call after the decision to cut the road, just click on the control box corresponding to the way the button, the green light, this time, the hotline listeners can hear the program live, but can not yet participate in the program. If directed wishing for a way to exit the state Hou broadcast, just press it, the green light goes out, to exit Hou broadcast state.

3. aired: Moderator according to instructions on the control box live green, click the appropriate button, the green light goes red, hotline listeners began to participate in the program.

4. Exit: When the call is finished, the host press the button again, flashing red light into green light to enter the exit status, remind directed cut-out phone, directed after seeing flashing green, pressing the button Road, phone cut out. the moderator also press and hold the button down for 1 second, the red light is off, the phone automatically cut out.

5. A multi-party call: When a road into the broadcast state, and then cut into one or more channels, multi-party call, you can discuss issues and other activities, methods of operation with a single road.

6. Call on Hold: The moderator and audience Reviewed call, For temporarily interrupted, and answer or make another call, simply make the road temporarily enter the exit status (flashing green light), to resume the conversation can be click the button.

7. Emergency cut: either directed or host, press the button more than 1 second, the road is cut out automatically stitches.