Sparta North-PC360 notebook computer usb wired gamepad Android phone FIFAOnline3

Sparta North-PC360 notebook computer usb wired gamepad Android phone FIFAOnline3

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: BETOP / North through BTP-2170
  • Brand: BETOP / North -
  • North through the handle: BTP-2170
  • Wireless: Wired
  • Applicable: android platform
  • Color Classification: SE-glare black night black UE
  • Handle features: shock
  • Interface Type: USB

As long as the support handle of the game, this section may be used. 2 m cable, USB interface, matte surface , Play your game needs! Support PC computer, TV and mobile phone android, and also supports the PS3. This handle No need to set the default PC360 mode compatibility mode 360 ​​games, plug and play.

The survey found that store : 78% users select UE Edition users agree: with glare feeling

UE version handle on the right button with ABXY breathing light, there is glare function, SE version without backlit buttons, glare at night game results look good, would have a direct UE edition.

Model: BTP-2170U / BTP-2170S

Corresponding platform: PC laptop / desktop PC, PS3 platform (does not support Microsoft XBOX360 host, Apple iPhone, iPad)
Category: Game Consoles
Operating System: Win98 / 2000 / XP / VISTA / 7/8/10, 32/64 bit
Colour: Black
Package Contents: Sparta a handle, a manual
Port: USB1.1 / 2.0 / 3.0
Quality assurance: Baohuan three months, one year warranty
Package Size: approximately 19 * 12.6 * 8 cm Size: 15.7 * 10.5 * 6 cm
product weight: About 235 g Power supply: USB powered
Because Microsoft Win8 system exist BUG, ​​you can not test the handle LT / RT button, but can be used normally in the game, please known!
main feature:
1. Support classic DirectInput and advanced Xinput protocol, free setup support X360 class (Game for Windows) games, such as live football, NBA series, Devil May Cry,
GTA, Assassin's Creed, The Elder Scrolls, etc. - To adapt to a variety of combat, role-playing, adventure, RPG games
3. has a DC-Shifting function, support rocker Arrows reverse function, fully meet the various game operations
Configuration features:
1.XD dual-mode engine 360 ​​can identify the type of game on the PC, plug and play,
2.DC-Shifting function, a cross key function rocker switch freely, fighting, sports competition and more handy
3. The pressure sensor features (throttle) action priorities reflect the effect of complete
4. bursts setting function, streamline operations
5.4-color indicator, handle work status at a glance
6. The non-slip grip waves, competitive game and never missed
7. Cross-platform support for PC and PS3

Driver Description:
X mode: X360 model, VISTA above systems installed free drive belt vibration, the Microsoft official driver support
D mode: D traditional model, driver-free (vibration can be installed after the drive)
Function key configuration:
X mode: arrow keys, double rocker, 12 basic function keys
D mode: the arrow keys, double rocker, 10 basic function keys, two key trigger
Other: a combo setting key, one-way joystick swap function key, a mode switch key
Other configurations: two meters long lines (including static magnetic ring), wave grip
recommend games:
Role Play: Borderlands, Assassin's Creed, Grand Theft Auto
Racing: Ridge Racer, dust, F1
Sports competition: FIFA football, live football, NBA2k
Fighting Athletics: Street Fighter, King of Fighters
Shooting Athletics: Call of Duty, Gears of War
Adventure puzzle: Tomb Raider
Classic Analog: red and white machine, arcade, N64, PS2, etc.

Shipping quality problems Solution: Handles three months replacement, 1 year warranty. Products are determined under the objective of failure, 7 days we bear the return shipping, If it is returned to the buyer where the first advance the postage, after confirmation, we will follow the standard hit Taobao shipping insurance buyers Alipay in eight days -The buyer return postage within one month.

Appearance questions: Depending on the shooting in different lighting and display color problems may cause merchandise in pictures have a little color! Handle parts of the mirror housing, there may be a slight grinding marks, some buyers will be mistaken for the factory after the man scratches, in actual fact, this is a common problem of mirror design, the products are packaged with seals factory, can the official official website official North-free telephone: 4006754300 to north through the marketing department can consult, please known!

Gamepads Other answers: Not every game supports handle (Such as CS, Warcraft, playing mahjong, etc. are not supported) Support handle games are just part of the game The handle is a passive device, only under the premise of the game support, can play a function handle. Of course, you can also use other keyboard mouse emulation software Such as : Flash excellent handle on the game itself does not support simulation Youku video has excellent use flash video teaching, are interested can take a look.

Android devices FAQ: Android 4.0 or more systems with at least one USB slot (such as Android phone, you need the support OTG function OTG data line and since the purchase), with only the most basic conditions of the above conditions, it does not necessarily mean you can use. Some third-party hardware companies (such as: music, as the TV) will often change or upgrade their own hardware system procedures can result before the back can not be used, this is not what we can control, please known.

friendly reminder: Do not open the handle warranty period, otherwise it does not give to the official warranty! (See factory specification)

This product is factory sealed package, please known!