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Jing-line NF-308 line measuring instrument | Network Hunter | Line Hunter | Cable length tester

Jing-line NF-308 line measuring instrument | Network Hunter | Line Hunter | Cable length tester
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  • Brand: shrewd mouse
  • Model: NF-308
  • Item: nf-308
  • Color classification: NF-308 801 make up the difference for the NF-308
  • Decoration and construction content: hydropower project

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Brand: Shrewd mice
model: NF-308
Name: Measuring instrument
Origin: Shenzhen, Guangdong

The NF-308 Multipurpose Network Cable Test Checker is a network cable test and inspection instrument with more new features.
The new instrument looks smooth, feel good and intimate human design.It has a hunt line, line and line status test three functions, with fast and accurate features, is the communication lines, integrated wiring, lines and other weak system installation, Maintenance engineering and technical personnel of the utility. Widely used in telephone systems, computer networks and other areas involving metal wire and other areas.

① cable to line test
② test cable length breakpoint
③BNC line off test
④ Hunt line range (USB cable BNC video cable RJ45 cable RJ11 telephone line power lines and other cables) to support switches, routers, with a weak boot state use. If in doubt please contact customer service for you to answer.
(1) Dimensions: Main tester: 185X105X50mm; Receiver: 218X46X29mm.
(2) Power: Main tester: 9V laminated battery; Receiver: 9V laminated battery.
(3) Display: Dedicated 4X16 character large screen LCD dot matrix (effective view area 61.6X25.2mm).
(4) Test cable type: STP / UTP twisted pair, coaxial cable.
(5) to explore the hunt type: cat5 cat6 can be directly found, telephone lines, coaxial cable, USB cable and other cables.
(6) working environment temperature: -10 ℃ ~ +60 ℃.
(7) Test instrument port and probe:
Main test: RJ45 main port (MAIN), RJ45 secondary port (LOOPBACK),
RJ45 hunt port; receiver probe; remote recognizer RJ45 port (R)
Additional BNC and RJ11 converters can measure coaxial cable, telephone line connectivity.
(8) twisted pair length measurement: range: 1-350 meters (3-1200 feet)
Accuracy after calibration: 3% (+/- 0.5M, or +/- 1.5ft). (Calibration cable> 5 m)
Accuracy of the factory: 5% (+/- 0.5M, or +/- 1.5ft). (AMP, AT & T5)
Display: meters or feet.
(9) Length calibration: the user can use a known length of the cable, set the calibration coefficient, calibration cable length greater than 5 meters.
(10) line sequence and cable fault location: fault detection, open circuit, short circuit, reverse, cross.
(11) automatic delay shutdown time: 30 minutes does not operate.
packing list:
1. Transmitter with LCD display frequency × 1 units
2. Signal receiver × 1 units
3. Adapter × 1 set
4.9V battery x 2
5. Headphones × 1
6. RJ-11 adapter line × 1
7. Alligator clip adapter line × 1
8. RJ-45 adapter line × 1
9. RJ45 turn BNC line × 1
10. Smart mouse special bag (Messenger bag) × 1
11. Instructions for use × 1 copies
Hunt part of the skills introduced:

In the case where there is a patch panel in the equipment room, if there is a jumper connection between the patch panel and the switch, you can find the jumper directly. To confirm the accuracy, you can separate the target cable from the other jumper by a few centimeters Of the distance, issued a very loud voice, that is correct; if there is no jumper directly find the patch panel port, you can put the receiver probe directly into the RJ45 interface, so you want to find the destination line and other (Note: Because the distance between the patch panels is very close, so the other ports will have a weak sound, with the largest sound and receiver light to the brightest to locate your Find the cable.)

(Note to determine the size of the sound, the sound is the most you want to find the purpose of cable, in addition to pay attention to the switch strong electric interference, as far as possible away from the switch, so the sound effect will be more clear.