Langsha pantyhose pantyhose anti - hook spring and autumn thick black bottoming socks fat mm200 kg fat plus lengthening

Langsha pantyhose pantyhose anti - hook spring and autumn thick black bottoming socks fat mm200 kg fat plus lengthening

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Langsha 98359
  • Time to market: Summer 2015
  • Even number: 1 pairs
  • Brand: Langsha
  • Ref: 98359
  • Sales Channel Type: pure electricity providers (only online sales)
  • Fabric material composition: polyamide fiber (nylon) 91.4% polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 8.6%
  • Color Classification: pantyhose pantyhose pantyhose gray pantyhose step on the foot step on the skin step on the foot gray step on the foot coffee nine points nine points black nine skin nine points gray nine points coffee to increase thin velvet pants black increase thin velvet Pants to increase thin velvet step foot coffee
  • Full-fat meat pantyhose 'summer 24-30 ° C' plus fat increase 50D semi-permeable pantyhose 'early autumn 20-25 ° C' plus fat to increase 80D micro through meat pantyhose 'Mid-Autumn Festival 18-25 ° C 'plus fat increase 120D do not through the pantyhose' fall 16-24 ° C 'plus fat increase 1200D one thin velvet' early winter 7-20 ° C 'plus fertilizer to increase 2200D one thin' early winter 7- 20 ° C '
  • Tube height: pants
  • Thickness: Conventional
  • Crotch style: double-sided plus crotch
  • Fabric material: velvet
  • pattern: plain
  • Clothing style details: mercerized
  • Socks function Uses: legs shaping
  • Style: sexy
  • Applicable Gender: Female
  • Applicable season: Four Seasons

Langsha velvet 10 ~ 120D with pants / nine / step foot / bikini / flight attendants / increase the width of the main components: nylon and spandex, Lang Sha more manufacturers, production factory batch is not the same, But the material is the same, the proportion of the composition will be different, specifically to receive the description of the physical packaging components shall prevail! (The following is part number component)

Add fertilizer to step on the foot 50D (AX6051) Leg: 81.2% nylon spandex 18.8%

Add fertilizer to step on the foot 80D (AX6052) Leg: 84.7% nylon spandex 15.3%

Add fertilizer to step foot 120D (AX6053) Leg: nylon 90.8% spandex 9.2%

Plus fertilizer to increase 120D nine points: (ZT875) legs: nylon 90.8% spandex 9.2%

Add fertilizer to increase 50D pantyhose: LL3672: Leg: 81.2% nylon spandex 18.8%

AL6036: nylon 82.6% spandex 17.4%

Add fertilizer to increase 80D pantyhose: Z6913: nylon 85.5% spandex 14.5%

ZT861: nylon 84% spandex 16%

Add fertilizer to increase the 120D pantyhose (V6607) nylon 91.2% spandex 8.8% (98359) nylon 90.8% spandex 9.2%

(L3640) nylon 89.1% spandex 10.9%