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Reel lace mesh double eyelid paste | natural flesh color seamless invisible fiber strip width beauty stick

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: lily forever
  • Name: Heart-shaped reel 600 paste
  • Specifications Type: Normal specifications

Before the film must see

Price is 1 volume = 600 posted (300 pairs, also known as 300 back)

Nearly a year the amount of yo, less than 4 cents a day

When photographed, please press the desired model message

Transparent color L

Transparent Skin S Detail

Transparent L + S Mixed (sold out)

Textured invisible L

Textured stealth S fine (Sold out)

Textured stealth L + S mix (sold out)

(If not pay attention to the default hair 'transparent S fine')

PS: textured invisible section, also known as Flesh color , And transparent skin color is not the same Oh


First, paste the skin paste should be at one go, can not be affixed to be found after the tear and paste, it will certainly greatly weaken the stickiness.

Second, and do not use your fingers directly buckle eyelid paste, it is recommended to use a clean tweezers folder.

This baby is not a net yarn, is directly sticky, do not need glue.

1. Eyelid thick or want to double the eyelids to do the big point, it is recommended to choose the middle of the L-widened widening, thin eyelid can freely choose the style!

2. Self-skin color of the recommendations of the selection of mesh, the skin of their own white point of the proposed choice of skin color.

3. The higher the paste, the more double, the location of their own good, more than a few times on the skilled.