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Kay Lok men and women underwear pants thin sweat fever underwear thermal underwear KG412191 KG422191

Kay Lok men and women underwear pants thin sweat fever underwear thermal underwear KG412191 KG422191
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Kailas / Kaile stone
  • Product No: KG412191 KG432191
  • Suitable for: male
  • Time to market: 2013 winter
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 198
  • Color Classification: Women black underwear KG422191 female light gray underwear KG422191 female black trousers KG442191 female gray trousers KG442191 male black trousers KG432191 male black underwear KG412191 male gray gray underwear KG412191 male gray trousers KG432191
  • Fabric Technology: Other
  • Main features: Quick-drying and warm
  • The price range: 101-200 yuan
  • Size: S M L XL XXL

Men 's underwear sets KG412191 underwear KG432191 trousers

Women 's underwear sets KG422191 underwear + KG442191 trousers

Fabric : Softthermo

use :Extreme sports, the top of the personal sweat underwear

product description: according to Viloft Viscose sweat after the fever characteristics, using the latest research and development by Viloft Viscose and ultra-fine denier anti-pilling acrylic mixture made of Softthermo Made. Softthermo Like the second layer of the human skin in general, is the cold dry season, one of the best layer of warm wear.

main feature:

fever Absorbs the water vapor which emanates from the body and the heat.Uses the hygroscopicity primitive yarn, can absorb the moisture which evaporates from the body and transforms it into the heat energy causes the lining itself to become warm up

Insulation After special processing, heat is not easy to disperse, even if the sweat is still warm.

Moisturizing Lubrication touch, with natural milk containing lactic acid moisturizing ingredients, soft and lubrication. Inhibit odor Inhibit the formation of odor.Through special processing, can inhibit the formation of odor, keep fresh.

Elasticity Fabric with a stretch of soft elastic material personal comfort, is the first choice for underwear fabric.

KG422191 female models underwear:S (160 / 80A) / M (165 / 84A) / L (170 / 88A) / XL (175 / 92A)

KG442191 female models trousers:170 / 74A) / XL (175 / 78A) / S (160 / 66A) / M (165 / 70A) / L

KG412191 male models underwear:
(170 / 88A) / L (175 / 92A) / XL (180 / 96A) / XXL (185 / 100A)

KG432191 Men's trousers (170/76 A) / L (175 / 80A) / XL (180 / 84A) / XXL (185 / 88A)

Figure details of male and female models