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Please look at the product introduction Korean Wenxiu machine Full cast one type needle |! Semi-permanent colorant fog eyebrow needle

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Vatican Zhen one needle
  • Color: Transparent
  • Beauty tools Category: Other / other
  • Beauty Tools varieties: Other / other
  • Brand: Vatican Zhen
  • A single product: one needle
  • Effect: Other / other
  • Suitable for skin: Any skin
  • made in China

There are two kinds of needles! A needle is the market average one needle!

Another needle is we commissioned manufacturers of high-quality custom! Color faster! More stable needle! Munsu last out of the effect is more realistic than regular needles!

High-quality needle How to buy look here:

There are 5-pin models: Single needle, needle round 3, round 5-pin, 5-pin row, row 7 pin

Prices according to the following prices count! You want the type and quantity of distributed customer service! I will give you change price

Here is the high-end custom price:

Single Needle: 4.5 yuan a!

Round 3 pin: a 5.5!

Round 5-pin: 6 yuan a

Pin 5: 6 yuan a

Pin 7: 6.5 yuan a

This needle usually exercise when you can use over and over again! But To the customer will do a one-time use!

Our customized using a special needle material whispered material! Noise in high-speed operation and then the needle · produce very small! Needle very smooth! Built-in 316 GB spring flexibility is very strong! This resorted to pin more stable! Good one needle made out of the final results will be made out of more realistic quality! Technology is not particularly skillful novice effect is more prominent!

Reminder: Because the needle in transit will squeeze the bag · minority situation will squeeze broken · This does not affect the use of which will not support refunds!!

Here it is: the market average price of one needle:

Single Needle: 2.5 yuan a

Round 3 pin: 2.8 yuan a

Round 5 pin: 2.9 yuan a

Pin 5: 2.9 yuan a

Pin 7: 3.4Element 1

Each pin of the corresponding function:

Single Needle 1RL: Available eyebrow, eye liner, lip line and other lines

Round 3 needle 3RL: Available secant, lip lines, floating lips, etc.

5-pin round 5RL: Available secant, lip lines, floating lips, etc.

Row 5 pin 5F: Available floating lips, eyebrow fog, etc.

Row 7 pin 7F: Available drift lip line, eyebrow fog, etc.