FSLISHI autumn men's casual pants elastic long pants business XL men's pants fall straight men's pants

FSLISHI autumn men's casual pants elastic long pants business XL men's pants fall straight men's pants

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Listed year season: the fall of 2016
  • Material composition: cotton 98% polyurethane elastic fibers (spandex) 2%
  • Long pants: pants
  • Item no: F661952A
  • Sales channel: pure e-commerce (online sales)
  • Color: 6619 black 6619 blue 116 116 cobalt blue black Black 6642 blue 8521 black 8521 Sapphire 6619 khaki 6619 Red 6,619 blue 6619 Army Green
  • Size: 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 36 38 40 42
  • Style details: still open
  • Process: DP
  • Brand: FS. LISHI
  • Material content: cotton
  • Content of cotton: 95%
  • For seasons: autumn
  • Application scenario: work
  • Application object: size
  • Stretch: the bomb
  • Waist: lumbar
  • Thickness: General
  • Listing time: 2016
  • Style: athletic pants
  • Clothing style: straight
  • Trouser style: straight
  • Base style: commercial gentleman
  • Style segments: business casual
  • Color: Khaki
  • Fabric: Khaki
  • Pattern: solid color

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Recommended dimensions

Weight 100 kg/fine/28 yards two feet wearing a waist

Weight 110 kg/fit/29 yards two feet two waist

Body weight 120 kg/fit/30 yards two feet three waist

Weight 130 kg/fit/31 yards two feet four waist

Weight 135 kg-140 kg/fit/32 yards two feet five waist

Weight 145 kg-150 kg/fit/33 yards of two-feet-six waist

Weight 150 kg-155 kg/fit/34 yards two feet VII waistlines

Weight 160 kg-170 kg two shakuhachi/fit/size 36 waist

Weight 180 kg-190 kg/fit/38 yards two feet nine waist

Weight 200 kg-205 kg/fit/size 40 foot waist

Weight 220 kg-225 kg/fit/42-yard three-foot-two waists