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Rocketbook Wave Microwave Cloud Storage Notebook Pilot Frixion Clear Smart Notebook

Rocketbook Wave Microwave Cloud Storage Notebook Pilot Frixion Clear Smart Notebook
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Product parameters:

  • Compatible platforms: ANDROID iOS
  • Brand: GOES TiME / fruit era
  • Model: rbbjb
  • Color classification: sky blue (Rocketbook Wave notebook)

Steps for usage:

First, the microwave must be equipped with a glass inside the turntable, in the process of rotating the laptop should not contact with the microwave wall;

Second, in the microwave can be heated in the mug filled with 3/4 of water

Third, the notebook face up into the microwave oven, the mug will be placed in the center of the blue circle of the notebook;

Fourth, in the heating process, should be through the door or every 30 seconds to open the door to observe the label on the notebook color changes.Even the color of the trademark from blue to white, you can stop heating;

5, then the notebook face up a heating, repeat the third step and the fourth step. This step requires attention to the heated notebook and the mug may be hot;

Six, after the end of heating, wait 3 minutes or when the color of the notebook trademark to return to blue, and then out to use.


1, Rocketbook wave notebook with a dedicated Pilot Frixion pen can be used in order to achieve the effect of notes after burning;

2, with a microwave oven to heat the notebook, be sure to put the cup filled with water, otherwise, notebooks and microwave ovens are likely to be damaged;

3, the microwave oven must be equipped with a glass turntable, otherwise it will lead to the heating process in the heating uneven heating and burning up.

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