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Wind approved electric screwdriver torque tester / cap motor motor torque tester / torque tester

Wind approved electric screwdriver torque tester / cap motor motor torque tester / torque tester
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: owon
  • Model: HP
  • Item: HP
  • HP-10/20/50/100 Recruitment according to the old models (generation) HP-10/20/50/100 invoicing new high-precision (second generation) HP-10/20/50 / (Second generation) HP-250 invoice according to the new high-precision (second generation) HP-250 invoice cap tester (second generation) HP-250 / Without host) Motor tester (excluding host) HP torque tester on behalf of the measurement report (to provide the company name)
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

Portable torque tester

Using liquid crystal digital display test value .Easy to interpret .No mistakes

Instantaneous reverse direction .Torque can be tested

Maximum value retention device .Can be compared

Unit switch can choose to use units Kgf-cm N.m.or Kgf-cm Lb.inch

The machine uses rechargeable batteries .small volume .Light weight .Precise structure .Easy to carry

Three-stage unit selection switch Kgf.cm - N.m. - Lb.inch

1.Detection of electric screwdriver, a variety of torque wrench torque set the situation;
2.Measuring a variety of electric screwdriver, torque screwdriver, the torque of the wrench;
3.Through the fixture to measure other products, such as the cork (cover) tightness, the destruction of small parts of the experiment, the quality of plastic screw control. Prefix = o ns = 'urn: schemas-microsoft-com: office: office'







Peak time

Measuring range


0.15~ 9.00

0.30~ 18.00

1.5~ 45.0

1.5~ 90.0

5.0~ 180.0


0.15~ 10.00

0.30~ 20.00

1.5~ 50.0

1.5~ 100.0

5.0~ 250.0


0.015~ 1.000

0.030~ 2.000

0.15~ 5.00

0.15~ 10.00

0.50~ 25.00

measurement method

track TRACK Keep it PEAK


±0.5% Fs

± 1.0% FS

power supply (Charging time)

1.2VNiMH batteries X 5Section 1.2VNIHM Charge 6hour

Dedicated charger

Input communication 220V~ 240VOutput DC 7.2V400mA

Full charge time


Battery Life

About chargeable 300Times

size /weight

WRespectivelyHRespectivelyD prefix = st1 ns = 'urn: schemas-microsoft-com: office: smarttags' 230mm Respectively5mm Respectively120mm 2Kg