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New game Q1 computer wireless game controller | mobile phone Bluetooth Andrews system ball big battle king glory CF

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: ngds G600
  • Brand: ngds
  • Model: G600
  • Wireless: Wireless
  • Suitable for: other
  • Color Category: Cool play version
  • Handle characteristics: vibration
  • Interface type: USB

Support equipment: Andrews IOS mobile phones, computer PC, Andrews TV, set-top boxes, Andrews projector. Support mode: Support for Bluetooth and wireless 2.4G dual-mode connection , Mobile phone direct Bluetooth connection, no OTG transfer, support for computer receiver connection, comes with a wireless receiver.

Support mobile games: Andrews are supported by the glory of the king, cf through the line of fire , Full name super-God, the ball big battle, without mapping and jailbreak, Important things that three times, not the root is not root not root

Support PC Games: Wizard III, GTA5, FIFAol3, Live, Watchdog, Monster Hunter

And comes with stents, stents, stents.

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