Guangdong St. automobile General reversing radar 4 probe LED crescent live voice beep car reversing video HD

Guangdong St. automobile General reversing radar 4 probe LED crescent live voice beep car reversing video HD

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: YUESION / Guangdong St.
  • Model: A44
  • Color Classification: (strong push) one voice beep 4 probe reversing radar [Latest update] (strong push) screen with mute switch crescent probe 4 voice (strong push) spare no display 4 probe speech radar display no beep 8 4 probe probe voice beep one radar screen with a crescent moon with a crescent-4 probe real voice front panel 4 beeps car radar probe 4 probe 4 probe speech radar beeping car with front panel mute switch crescent moon probe 4 beeps (strong push) 6 probe crescent beep 6 radar probe radar crescent voice
  • Alarm Volume: 70dB (including) -90dB (inclusive)
  • Operating temperature range: -20 ℃ -70 ℃
  • Test distance: 2.5M-0.3M
  • Image Voice features: digital display with voice
  • The number of cores: 4 probes
  • The number of probe: 4
  • Service: shop three packs
  • Display Type: TFT displays
  • Function: live voice
  • Whether to support night vision: No

Y44Y Product Features Video:

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Model Description:

model: Configuration Feature Remark
Y43 4 probe crescent with LED display, buzzer beeps to remind,

Detection range: 0.3-2.5 m,
Sound range: 0.3-1.5 m,

Y44 4 probe crescent with LED display, live voice reminder, Ditto
Y63 6 probe crescent with LED display, a buzzer beeps to remind,

Detecting distance: 0.3-1 meters in front, followed by 0.3 to 2.5 meters
Sound range: 0.3-1.5 m,

Y64 6 probe crescent with LED display, live voice reminder, Ditto
Q43 4 vehicle in front radar sensor LED buzzer crescent Detection and sound range 0.3-1 meters
Q44 4 front car radar probe LED Crescent voice Detection and sound range 0.3-1 meters
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Pro: Because the probe is mounted on the outside of the vehicle, to prevent accidental damage or damage-free installation experience, Recommendation parent might buy one or two spare probe, In order to avoid damage to affect the safety car, drive time delay, but also to pay a courier Oh ~ BMW has a spare tire, I think you can consider alternate 1-2 probe. Price is not expensive, original price $ 25, now Super cheap, only

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Product Name: 4 probe reversing radar voice crescent (upgrade section mute switch with another of the available for purchase)

Model: A44

Operating voltage: 12 V

Detection range: 0.3-2.5 m

The number of sensing probe: 4

Color Sensor probe: Please enter the shop selection

The new dual-core chips, detection range of accurate, real female voice broadcast, voice clear and sweet, with a distance display, reversing security worries, fear the night.

Applicable models: car, van, SUV, MPV and other 12-volt vehicle

Rear Probe Cable Length: 2.5 meters (6 meters probe options, the price is not the same)

Monitor cable length: 5 meters

If the vehicle is longer, it is possible that the wire is not long enough, please contact customer service process.

After receipt of the product, the product can be connected, the last radar power cord connected to the vehicle's battery, test, install satisfied,

When installing, pay attention to not short-circuit the power cord, or they may burn the product.

Buy this product, please be sure to choose what color probe, told the customer service, or your notes in the order, to facilitate the timely arrangements for delivery.