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2016 spring and summer new fat mm increase code was thin black and white striped dress two-piece bohemian beach skirt

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Product parameters:

  • Material composition: Triacetate fiber (triacetate fiber) 65% Cotton 35%
  • Product Number: 63
  • Style: sweet
  • Sweet: Bohemia
  • Combination: two-piece
  • Skirt Length: dress
  • Style: sling
  • Sleeve Length: Sleeveless
  • Collar type: V collar
  • Sleeve type: other
  • Waist type: high waist
  • Clothing placket: hedging
  • Skirt type: large pendulum type
  • Pattern: Stripes
  • Brand: Snow Butterfly Rain
  • Fabric: Other
  • Ingredient Content: 31% (including) -50% (inclusive)
  • Material: Cotton
  • Applicable age: 25-29 years of age
  • Year Season: Fall 2014
  • Color classification: stripes + jacket
  • Size: M S L XL XXL

Skirt fabric is not cotton, but the price and the cotton is the same, Why not use cotton for a reason , the first : Cotton fabric is very soft, very vertical, the effect of the whole skirt is close to the body; second : With cotton because too heavy, the entire bust line is drooping, no beauty; third : Drape good, skirt easy to deformation, will be the greater the greater wear!

This skirt fabric is not cheap fabric, and the price of cotton is the same, we are not profiteering business, we guarantee the quality to every customer, parents do not take dozens of stripes to compare with our home , Our cloths are more expensive than their garments ! ! ! Coat is cotton Oh, put on the ice cold ha ~ ~ ~ ~

This section can be worn throughout the year in addition to winter, summer can be worn during the day alone, the evening can wear a cardigan jacket cold, super cost-effective set

Style suitable for the public, within the breast 102 MM can wear Oh, this section skirt skirt suits were significantly thin tall, do not pick the time do not pick the occasion to wear

Buyers show are good to wear

MM do not miss

Hurry to start it

OUR is no reason to support the returned Oh

Black and white striped skirt Size:

XXL Skirt Length: 132cm Bust: 105cm can be worn adjustable shoulder strap

XL; Skirt Length: 131cm Bust: 104cm can be worn adjustable shoulder strap

L: Skirt Length: 130cm Bust: 102cm can be worn adjustable shoulder strap

M: Skirt Length: 120cm Bust: 102cm can be worn adjustable shoulder strap

S: Skirt Length: 118cm Bust: 102cm can be worn adjustable shoulder strap

Black Jacket Size:

XXL Length: 90cm Sleeve: 63cm Bust: not limited to

XL: Length: 91cm Sleeve: 64cm Bust: not limited to

L: Length: 90cm Sleeve: 63cm Bust: not limited to

M: Length: 88cm Sleeve: 62cm Bust: not limited to

S: Length: 86cm Sleeve: 61cm Bust: not limited to