Jingdezhen porcelain shadow green glaze pomegranate antique vase flower insert Chinese living room home decoration crafts Decoration

Jingdezhen porcelain shadow green glaze pomegranate antique vase flower insert Chinese living room home decoration crafts Decoration

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Ding public ceramics
  • Color Classification: Pomegranate (high 17CM) send base plum (high 22.5CM) send base celestial (high 21.5CM) send base bottle (high 22.5CM) send base lantern bottle (22CM) send base fishtail bottle (Height 23CM) send base Apple (high 14cm) send base bamboo tours bottle (high 23cm) send base bamboo tall bottle (high 23cm) to send the base (high 23CM) send base base hoist
  • Flower type: table vase
  • Item No .: DZ014545
  • Material: Ceramics
  • Style: Neoclassical
  • Size: small

Name Shadow green glaze vase


Pomegranate bottle: high 17cm wide and 15cm diameter 6.5cm
A bottle: high 22.5cm wide and 15cm diameter 8cm
Celestial sphere: high 21.5cm wide and 15cm diameter 5cm
Yu Hu Spring: high 23cm wide and 14cm diameter 9cm
Gourd bottle: high 23cm wide 14.5cm diameter 3cm

Lantern bottles: high 22cm wide and 14.5cm diameter 10cm

Fishtail bottle: high 22cm wide and 12cm diameter 9cm

Plum: high 22.5cm wide and 13.5cm diameter 5.5cm

Apple: high 14cm wide and 15cm

Bamboo tall feet Bottle: high 23cm wide and 16cm diameter 8cm

Bamboo tours bottle: high 23cm wide and 15cm diameter 8cm

Material ceramics
Process High temperature color glaze
Origin Jiangxi Jingdezhen
List One (gift base)
package General anti-damage packaging
Comments This warm and elegant decoration, vivid image, shape summary, smooth lines, placed in the home to show a warm and harmonious atmosphere, reflecting the master family harmony warm and beautiful life!

'On the flaw':

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