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Apple 7 steel film anti - drop anti - fingerprints iPhone7plus tempered glass film full - screen coverage against Blu - ray 5.5

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: BHARTI / Pakistan emperor
  • Model: Apple 7 steel film
  • Material: tempered glass
  • Film Features: Automatic repair anti-reflective anti-fingerprint high-definition
  • Film type: the former membrane
  • Apple 6p 'non-full-screen' Apple 6p 'arc section non-full-screen' Apple 6p 'non-full-screen' Apple 7p 'arc Apple 7 'full coverage soft white edge' Apple 7 'full coverage soft black side' Apple 7p 'full coverage of the soft white side' Apple 7P 'anti-blue non-full-screen' Apple 7 ' 'Apple 7' full coverage soft white side 'Apple 7' anti-blue full coverage soft black side 'Apple 7p' anti-blue full coverage soft white 'Apple 7p' anti-blue full coverage soft black side ''
  • Applicable brands: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iPhone7 Plus